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Well guys this was an amazing adventure with you all!

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It was so nice sharing this amazing and sad adventure with you all these last couple of months.

So many things you thought were impossible of happening in such a game, so many hearts broken, so many loss.

Anyways I can't wait to see you all again next year in 2013, with the second season of TWD.

Telltale, thank you so much for creating this wonderful and amazing, game series. The voice actors and actresses, all deserve an emmy for providing their amazing talent in this game.


Mrs./Ms. Melissa Hutchison (Clem)
Mr.Dave Fennoy (Lee)
Classy Jones (Katjaa)
Gavin Hammon (Kenny)
Nikki Rapp (Lilly)
Nicole Vigil (Carley)
Sam Joan (Doug)
Max Kaufman (Duck)

For all of your amazing work, especially Mr. Fennoy, and Ms/Mrs. Hutchison, I truely felt sorry for your characters in the game, the entire first season broke my heart.

If it's possible, all of these voice actors/actresses deserve an Oscar or Emmy Awards. They deserve it no freaking doubt aout it! I hope you guys make it to the big screen soon!

Can't wait to see you in Season 2 in 2013!

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