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I decided to open a thread for any of the PS3 gamers who want to talk about it without spoiling for others. again, SPOILERS!

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  • @TWDfan1199 said: AWFUL EPISODE!! I can't believe it was that bad, I am really disappointed. I LOVED episodes 1-4, but this one was terrible, not only that but extremely short. I just beat it.

    Yeah it was sort of short, but how could you not be incredibly affected by the emotional conclusions?

    If you did not cry during the episode than you had no attachment to the characters as far as I'm concerned.

    An yes..I cried. It was a glorious episode, and it's fast pace was necessary imo. Didn't know video games could even make me cry..strange feeling..times are a changin'.

  • I just realized. I don't recall seeing chuck on the group member screens, unless my memory is foggy. :(

  • @Moggyoxys said: I just realized. I don't recall seeing chuck on the group member screens, unless my memory is foggy. :(

    Well mark wasn't there either and they had the same amount of screen time.

  • I didn't see him either. Poor Chuck, he gets no respect.

  • [quote=blankcanvasdj;726458]i didn't see him either. Poor chuck, he gets no respect.[/quote]


    Poor Chuck.


  • Epilogue sucks honestly. I was hoping i actually got unique ending i told her to go to country side i was like holly shit what a unique ending it actually listened to what i said only to find out its always the same!!! LMAO FFS. Any way they two people are likely completely new.

  • What happens, when crossing the sign over a boat load of walkers, if you tell Christa and Omid to go first?

    And also what happens to the boat if you leave your group behind and go alone? I doubt Vernan's group of old cancer patients could take on Kenny, Christa, and Omid (all armed)

  • Atleast in my playthrough my Christa & Omid seemed to survive the episode. :) I bet at the end since Christa idea was to go countryside that Clem see both of them. And since Molly not appeared I think she might be the 4th member in the 2nd season.

    Still very sad episode specially the ending and PROPS to the voice-overs :)

  • WOW!! Good shit TTG! It could have been longer though. I'm still sick to my stomach even though I knew it was gonna end similar to that.
    I had Clem walk away because I thought she was too young to be able to deal with offing somebody she had come to love.
    Especially after her just seeing her parents.
    Overall good experience but again, it could have been much longer. It was the finale after all!

  • So I replayed EP5, and Kenny's 'death' being so ambiguous is really making me skeptical. That and the final stats. Almost everyone that died had "death" or "died" in their summary. Kenny was "lost" in the herd.

    He could be dead, but it seems like the ambiguity in his 'death' could be used as a saftey net, shall Telltale ever want him in Season 2. I could even see Ken being the new main character. I don't think it'll happen, though.

    He's just as likely to be alive as he is dead though. Which kinda irritates me. If he's dead, I wanna see a body. For closure. Now we have to wait until Season 2 for possible confirmation, and that's going to kill me.

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