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In a ZA would you lose your humanity?

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So what would you do?
Would you remain as human as possible, because lets face it, the world is f**** and we need to work together to help build a better future.
Or would you turn bandit because in this bleak world, there is no law enforcement and government any more to prevent your actions. So you would kill other people for supplies and for the sake of survival, you would lose your humanity.

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  • What a very subjective question.....

  • We'll never actually know unless we're faced with something like it.

  • In a ZA, would you lose your house keys?
    In a ZA, would you do various actions for a klondike bar?
    In a ZA, would you let the dogs out?
    In a ZA, would you kindly?
    In a ZA, would you just look at that?
    In a ZA, would you hit it?
    In a ZA, would you, or will you?
    In a ZA, would you yell it from the rooftops?
    In a ZA, would you ZA your ZA?
    In a ZA, would you keep making "In a ZA, would you..." threads?

  • First of all, define humanity. It's not necessarily the same for everyone.

    Second, how on earth would you be able to predict something like that? Everyone that says no to the question obviously don't think so considering current events, but would they in that situation? And all saying yes are either doing it jokingly or they are pretty close to losing it now, which is disturbing.

    In any case it's a very strange amd vague question, and impossible to answer in our current state.

  • In real life I don't really trust other people if I don't know them very well. So I don't think that I would join a huge group of survivors. That is why I think that I won't have much chances to lose my humanity until I finally die.

  • To me it is impossible to answer this question. Of course I'd like to think that I would at least try to remain a decent person, but who knows how you would react in such a situation?

  • I'm not sure what you mean by losing your humanity? If you mean merely being willing to kill to protect me and mine, then I'm not sure I ever had it. That doesn't really fit my definition however.

    It really depends on whether my family survives, if so I'd do whatever needed doing to make sure it stays that way, strangers only having value in so far as they increase the odds of that.

    Without them, though? I suppose I'd join a group, but I doubt I'd take any unnecessary risks for strangers, or allow the needs of others to endanger myself. Eventually things will quiet down and people start to rebuild, if I'm still alive I won't be alone, I'm not THAT good.

    Would that constitute losing your humanity?

  • TC should study morality/ethics/philosophy.

    In real life I'm a loner, not exactly by choice. Mostly because in my life growing up people made a lot of choices for me, and that put me on a path where I couldn't put down roots anywhere or have any friends. The result? Well, in a zombie apocalypse I'm not going to be any lonelier than I'm used to.

    Seems like that's what gets everyone, the whole being alone/losing people thing.

    By the TC's standard I've probably already lost my humanity. If by murder, you mean kill someone for no reason, or just so you could take their stuff, no I wouldn't do that. If you mean I would kill someone to ensure I survive? that's a no brainer. Even then though, a lot of whether or not I'd kill someone would be context dependent. Not going to do it for no reason, but if I think that's what I go to do to go on living? No problem.

  • I've been told that I look like an "unlikely hero" and I know for certain what plans and descicions I'd make in the ZA.
    So yeah...I'd be the hero-type. Of course--I'm not stupid enough to put myself at impossible risks trying to save someone, but I ain't just gonna pass over people who need some help!
    Gonna take a pistol-crossbow and longbow just in case the scum try to attack my friends, coz not all guys will see it my way!

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