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The End: For those who has completed the game;)

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I know it is a bit early for this thread, but the end is near.
Since I'm very curious about others' success, I'd like to open this threat for people who may want to share their endings with others.

If you'd like to attend the chitchat, please share how the story ended for your characters, here tomorrow!
And if you haven't played it yet, don't take a look at below!

And maybe with this, we can prevent ourselves from learning ANY kinds of spoiler from all around the thread. It's much safer and it has much respect, huh?

I'm playing the last episode as soon as it is released hence I am not going for working tomorrow!
I wish good luck to everyone, as well.
Are we ready?

!ATTENTION! For those who hasn't completed the game, there may be ULTRA MEGA MAJOR spoilers ahead!!!

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  • @Dead_Man_Walking said: He gets across and the sign just collapses. You grab onto the railing and make it across. Then you're faced with four options on what Omid and Christa should do (I believe one is "..." I don't recall). After that, Lee climbs down and enters the horde. Best scene of the game, in my opinion. The horde part, that is, not the climbing down. :D

    I know right! I wish they had a miny game where you can just go through hoardes of zombies like that killing them. Would be fun as FUCK .

  • I don't know if people want to possibly watch my whole gameplay but I'll put a link to it anyways!

    Did anyone else shed a tear...? I did..

  • I made Clementine shoot Lee.I felt bad about it...I felt REALLY bad about it.

  • What’s in the other room in the hotel room? I didn’t go look, because Clem seemed disturbed by it, so I just left immediately.

  • @Sméagol said: What’s in the other room in the hotel room? I didn’t go look, because Clem seemed disturbed by it, so I just left immediately.

    I tried several times to get in, but it just wouldn't let me, I'd be interested to know if you can get in there.

    Did anyone go alone to find Clem? How does the early part play out in that case? Can you still cut your arm off?

  • Tears. Fucking tears everywhere. :(

    I didnt cry in the first 4 episodes, i havent cried in 3 years before this. But now....
    I finished the game ~10 minutes ago. Im still crying. I dont know what do.

    It was so horrible to hear Clementine sobbing to Lee that you need to go on. You must carry on.
    Aaah. I think i need a huge mug of hot chocolate and big hug.

  • This is Game of the Year. If it isn't I give up on gaming. This was a masterpiece. The writing, the voice acting, the gameplay everything was just incredible.

    The ending itself comes to no surprise. Even though we all knew pretty much Lee was doomed, there still was a part of me thinking "No Lee can get through this. He will recover and he will take Clem to the countryside and live happily ever after." Then I snapped out of it and realised there is no happy ever after in The Walking Dead.

    The ending was beautiful. I made Clem shoot me. When she said she couldn't see me like a Walker I think at that time we both knew what we had to do. Lee had given it all to protect her. He sacrificed so much just to keep her safe. He literally went through hell to get to her.

    To be honest I think Clem needed to shoot Lee. Not only does it show her the strength that she has developed, but it was also closure. She knows Lee isn't going to turn into a walker. It was a kind of morbid way of saying thank you to Lee. But in this kind of a world, a bullet to the head really is a thank you.

    As for the ending, from what I can tell it stays the same (but I could be wrong). Clem will always be in the countryside and see too figures in the distance. Which is kind of disappointing considering you can advise her at the very brink of death. Even when Lee is at death door he still is doing everything he can to protect her.

    However, I think maybe one of the two figures could be the main character in the next season. I would love that. Meeting a emotionally drained Clem. I would really like to see how she handles the death of Lee and how that changes her.

    Alternatively it could just be Omid and Christy.

    Either way its been a hell of a read and I can't thank Tell Tale Games enough for the enjoyment they have given me. Bring on Season 2!

  • ...I can't take it.. I... The little bitch in me released itself...

  • Hey guys,
    I just played and finished the game and I'm done!
    I cried a lot and I don't know how and I'm not so familiar with crying; or I don't even know when was the last time I was crying- but no matter- I cried in tears :)

    The thing is you guys' playthroughs are much alike mine. I took everyone with me, and I didn't know what would it be if I gone alone, I cut my arm off (even though I was thinking "no point, it's already spread" ," it will slow me down" etc etc....) when it was time.
    I knew Lee will die no matter, but I wanted to give him more time to surrender, I think.
    In the other hand, it'd be easier keeping the whole group together with the idea of a less dangerous Lee seemed me more clever.

    I didn't know what would be if I didn't save Ben (and I'm informed from another guy here, thanks to BlankCanvasDJ ) What would the others' fate be? And the sign issue, I'm completely with you on that part, too. I wanted Christa and Omid to cross first ;)

    I couldn't kill Campman, that's probably because I have only one arm left but it is ok, I think with this the result was much heartbeaking. I gasp firstly on that scene when Clem shot him.
    I really really really really liked Clem's roleplay on this episode so congrats to Melissa Hutchison who I admired most. Dave Fennoy was also awesome.
    And then that part, cutting through zombies...Man it was great not only because you were the one who were choosing the next target, but because of its great atmosphere. The camera angle, the music, the feeling, just fit the situation.

    In the other hand, I guess the best part in cutting your arm was where you were doing the last fight. I was aware where the situation was going but still when Clem needed my help I was like "Oh oh, ... what to do what to do...,oh well, yes talk, talk to her... "Clem, go on, GET AWAY FROM HIM!"... and now what... oh yes yes the pedestal! It has gotta work...WHA?... oh yes yes the baseball bat.. I can use it if I could just... WHAA! OMG! OMG!!! F.CK, I DON'T HAVE MY ARM!" and that was a gruesome moment I can never forget!

    Well, all of us were knowing where this was heading but STILL, it was so sad when it came for real. I mean, dying in a shut tight place(which I was already guessing) with a single bullet was really sad. And with those handcuffs, man those were real enough to reason ton of tears by themselves.

    At the end I was like "Am I like a guy to want a little girl to do the hardest thing?", "Am I thinking just for myself?"
    But then she told me about her feelings with her parents and when she said she is not going to stand if I'm turned, then I made my choice. Anyway she needs to be tougher if she lives in this world and it was good to know that she won't blame herself if she didn't put an end to my mystery.

    I'm happy that I had a chance to tell her that I'll miss her and hear the same from her as well.
    Haha, and my Lee gave her a little advice about keeping her hair that long which was also one of my best quotes! ( it was a nice try to calm down a little girl's worries )

    Oh, and I must admit Kenny was the MAN in this episode. I didn't expect him much. Such a big sacrifice, and I think I have to surrender with Kenny- he was more than how I saw him;)

    Molly didn't appear which is completely ok with me. As well as Vernon didn't. The worst feeling about the whole story for me, Clem will never know if she were smarter and if she weren't kidnapped by the stranger, would Lee be alive and ok with her? That will be the saddest and everlasting question of her whole life, I guess.
    I don't know how I felt about Christa and Omid. I guess, not knowing their fate as not knowing Lilly's is another ok.


    I was with the majority(%71)- I chopped off my arm.
    I calmly argued with Kenny with minority ;) (%29)
    I didn't give up my weapons (with %36 of players)
    I didn't kill the stranger (with %58 players)
    Stopped Lee from turning (with %65)
    These stats will surely change in some other way depending the new players.

    It was a good story to listen, and an unforgettable moment of a lifetime for everyone. A total "must experience"! Applouse to makers, voice actors, artists, programmers, writers, fans and to all who may deserve for their good effort while creating process.

    P.S: I'd like to congratulate a guy whose username I don't remember right now, that he conjectured the real identity of the kidnapper as the "lone car's owner" long before. His post must be somewhere around the forums but I really couldn't find it. He is a smart ass,for sure. Congrats again on your succesfull guess, dude. ;)

    And AHOY TO US ALL- SUCH MISERABLE LOSERS! Let's drink, we couldn't make it ! ;P

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