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Who cried during the finale?

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Admitting tears is no shame:(

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  • At the moment they couldn't open the sliding metal door and Lee had to tell Clem he was bit, I started to cry and didn't stop until the credits finished rolling and it moved into the scene with Clem.

  • @QuarterPounderVlad said: There's another thread about this. But ... Yeah. I pretty much cried like a bitch and then I was depressed for a few hours. Now I'm fine.

    There is a slight difference in threads as this is for any scene. That is for the ending.

  • When Clem was crying and had to shoot Lee, I was watery eye'd. Couldn't help it, it was just so damn sad for her.

  • I didn't cry, but it was a messed up ending; I was disturbed and depressed.

    Great game. 10/10

  • Saw the ending three times . Tears still fall like rain. I thought I'd cry for Kenny and Ben but I felt nothing it was weird.

  • Watch the poll above. No, you're one amongst the X (as I write 58) people who didn't.

    Didn't cry. The game was really sad, I was sad, but not to the point of crying. This is only a story, and maybe for some people it's sad enough to cry, but maybe I'm too used to being sad for real reasons.
    Was still sad. Great game.

  • Unfortunately, due to save game glitches, none of my previous choices (Not taking food, preventing Clem from eating human meat) were registered. No way in hell was I going to go back through on a 15 hour spree and do everything again. Nuh-uh. It would take away the emotional impact.

    So, annoyingly, i simply chose randomized solutions. I chose "leave me" because I wanted her to go as fast as she could, I didn't think about other things.

    Anyway, OT- fuck yes I cried. I cried like a little baby, and I'm fully grown. I have no problem admitting it. I'm the type of guy that won't cry when a sibling/family member dies (Fortunately, I have all my immediate family alive and well right now. I mean grandparents, great grandparents, cousins, etc.) but will cry my fucking eyes out when a little kitten I tried to save dies. So yes, I cried. Lots. TellTale did an outstanding job telling the story, and I'm glad I got to experience it.

    Actually, I didn't cry like BOOHOO WAAAH but I got very teary eyed and I had blurry vision for a few minutes.

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    Had goosebumps and cried when I fought Clem's captor and she … you know. Cried a little more when she almost refused to do what had to be done and I said, that I'll miss her.

    Great game!

  • I have been following TWD since issue#1! If I did not cry then, imagine me now. Gory is the TWD way.*chomp, chomp*

  • 62 persons have no feelings D:

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