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The Walking Dead Video Game RP (Already on its Seventh "Episode"). Come join the fun!

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A bit of promotion, but hear us out here. Ever wanted to see how a character of your own would survive the apocalypse? Want to interact with fellow writers who also have a passionate love for the game/series? Want to write the next great TWD character (A shameless fan plug but we'd love to volunteer characters from our story if TT is listening!)? Then come and join the fun with The Walking Dead Video Game RP, an on-going "episodic" RP.

Starting from shortly after Episode 2 of the game, the story follows the OC's of the authors as they forge their own tale that deviates and coincides with the story of Lee and his group. Do you follow the Mormon missionary Clay and his group into Atlanta? Do you join former CIA agent Armand and his group as they seek to turn "Haven" into a safe place from the outbreak? Will you wander into Savannah to bump into former BBC employee Douglas? Will you stop by the hotel with Ken near the Prison? Do you join the wandering Poe and his group as they seek to survive on the road? Or will you forge your own path with all new characters or cameos from the game you encounter? There are plenty of stories to be told, so let us hear yours.

To catch up on this sprawling tale of survival, love, loss and walker killing, feel free to follow the various links below. If you have any questions, contact Jay or Zgamer (me) on the site through a message or on the chat box. We hope to hear your story!

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Meet the Survivors:
Submit a Character Application (All characters approved by admins before joining):

Catch Up on the Story
Episode 3:
Episode 4:
Episode 5:
Episode 6:
Episode 7 (Currently being played)

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