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The Last Choice [SPOILERS!]

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Ok, so

I'm talking about the choice to prevent Lee from turning or not.

My choice in my first playthrough was to make Clem leave Lee behind, handcuffed.

- Secure option. Lee is handcuffed, couldn't make any harm unless someone went hugging him after reanimation.
- No point to waste a bullet. Resources are pretty scarce.
- No point to risk the noise, as Lee pointed it out.

Plus! I didn't want to make Clem to shoot people she (probably?) viewed as her family. Not when theres another option. No matter how smart and mature she is for her age. No matter how much I want her to grow up fast in the world gone to Z.

I was little surprised to notice that most people didn't pick the same option. Last I checked the ratio was 33-67. I'd like to hear why people did end up picking the option to kill Lee.

I'm not trying to provoke anybody or say your choice was wrong. Just want to hear why people pick... what they picked.

P.S. Damn cliffhangers.

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  • Once you're a walker , you are dead.
    The only thought that would bother me is killing people in the "afterlife".
    If you die chained to something , you won't be roaming the street looking for preys.
    So who cares?

    The only people that it could hurt is the people that loved you , seeing you as zombie is kind of a mockery of your old self.

    But if it's so important for Clem , she 'll come back in a few years and kill zombie Lee.(well what would be left of him)
    I really don't see the benefit for a child to kill a dying person , regrets are better than trauma ,IMHO.

    But again , that's just my way of seeing things.

  • @DarcKage said: Would you want to die, knowing that you (or at least your body) would roam around as a walker?

    Optimistically the zombie 'virus' or bacteria/infection could be seen as a form of life also. If that is so, it's only doing what it has to to thrive and survive. If other species do not survive it is merely out of natural selection, nature's form of trial and error.

    It may not seem like much but the Walking Dead plague could even be the birth of a new form of intelligent life, long after we are gone.

  • It's one thing to look at a situation and think your prepared, it's another to do it. If something like this happens in the future, she will be ready. One way or the other. I feel sorry for Ben, no one taught him or gave him a chance. If I had been there I would have helped him and taught him some things as well. I don't want Clementine to be unprepared. Now she has practical experience.

    It is also a form of mercy and closure. She won't have to wonder what my undead body is doing or even see what horror I might be like.

  • lol my lee choked the radio guy with just one hand. Clementine could've started enjoying things like killing other persons, in a few words i couldn't risk another carl lol specially if lee wasn't there to stop it in a good way.

    Teached clementine how to shoot but didn't made her shoot anyone in my whole playthrough, based my character around the idea that things were going to get better.

    As for the OP, clem didn't killed my lee.

  • I had her kill Lee. Firstly because I wanted her last memory of me to be as a living person not a shambling walker. Secondly because i didn't like the idea of being trapped to a radiator as a walker and I would rather move on to a afterlife if there is one. Lastly because if Clem can shoot Lee then she is capable of making some of the hardest decisions. That's what will keep her alive.

  • Was I the only one that didn't handcuff Lee? That's an option too if you were wondering. You can also have her cuff the walker to make it easier for her to get the gun and keys. As she is reaching in, however, the walker rips its own arm off to free itself and clem falls back. The walker then crawls after clem, who is also crawling. She gets freee of the walker who has her by the foot and the weird statue/vase thing falls and hits you on the head. You're still conscious but everything is hazy. You see the baseball bat lying next to you so you slide it to clem and she finishes the walker.

    It still gave me the same options you guys are talking about after that.

  • @voteDC said: I had Clem shoot me because I wanted to teach her one last lesson. That sometimes you are going to have to do things you really don't want to in order to survive.

    To me that was worth a bullet.

    @voteDC said: If Clem is good enough to kill the living shit out of the radio guy I am sure she is more than capable of defending her self if required

    BUt that is someone she really has no qualms about killing. Aside from the usual moral hindrances.

    Her shooting Lee. Teaches her you have to make hard decision and weigh logic against emotion. Pragmatism for the win.

  • Would be crazy if Lee isn't infected (cause minus the arm) and he returns in season 3. And just passed out from blood loss and exhaustion.

    Basically Lee is having the "Rick moment"(From the Comics) where it looks like he was going to die.

  • I had Clem kill Lee.


    I felt it was the final lesson she NEEDED to learn. Her graduation, as it were. Lee was cuffed, but if she got close to someone else and they turned and she couldn't end them... bye bye Clem.

    Couldn't do that to her.

  • As Im sure people have already said, I thought about this too but a motif throughout the game (in every episode) is that becoming a walker is a fate worse than death. I know everything lee does is for clem, but Lee had to think about himself here and in fact for clementine. Clem couldnt handle seeing Lee become a walker. I

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