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Pros and Cons of Bone

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I thought it would be a good idea to write what we liked about Bone..and what we didn't like..


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  • I'm sure, like that awful Microsoft Paperclip, that you would be able to turn off the in-game hint system if it were to be implemented in that way.

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    I think that, if implemented well, you wouldn't need to turn such a system off, because you wouldn't realize that it had been helping you. The whole point would be to make the experience more seamless, in direct contrast with a certain talking paperclip that pops up, out of context and out of nowhere, when all you're trying to do is write a letter.

    Nor would its inclusion in a game turn that game into a movie -- the game would, in fact, be *less* like a movie than your typical Graphic Adventure is today, because it would be more responsive to your gameplay actions.

    Apologies if I'm pulling this thread too far off topic. Or if I'm starting to repeat myself.

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    I think this game should one day be released on the shelves. I wanna own a proper copy of this game. Maybe after a couple of episodes have been out on the net then maybe a compilation.

    I'm not happy about the cost of the game seeing that it can be completed so easily. But as long as the episodes aren't released too close together so that i'm splashing out on $80 on a few downloads that only last me half as long as a retail game then I'll be happy enough.

    The voice acting is superb and it is wonderful to have a game that both myself (a 19 year old who has just been playing the mature 'Stilllife' before hand) can enjoy the game at the same level as my 7 year-old sister.

    Keep the work up guys.

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    Played the demo... was entertaining, but ran horribly. But I imagine that's because I'm using Windows 98 instead of 2000 or XP. Even though the reported length of the game bothers me, it's something I'd purchase anyway if it ran properly on 98. Or if there was a Linux port.

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    [quote]Length of the game - The game is simply far too short. It ends as soon as any interest has begun to develop. I think this is a real shame, especially for those new to the series who will finish the episode with little reason to buy the next episode. Of course those of us who have read the book know that this is partly a weakness of Jeff Smith's original story - Out from Boneville is in itself the least compelling chapter of the Bone graphic novels, with the story becoming more and more interesting and exciting. However, as much as we'd like to, we can't use that as an excuse - the reality is that the original comic book cost a few dollars per issue, so there was some possibility that one would buy the second issue without much reservation, even having been not completely contented by the first, but in the case of the game we really don't have that luxury. The gamer has invested $20 in something that was very short, had very little fun in it, has no replayability, and doesn't really have much of a compelling story. Even for me, who knows and loves the Bone story, the game was far too short and lacked enough fun and replayability for me to be excited about a second episode or very willing to pay another $20 for a similar experience. . I would be really surprised if most gamers buy the second episode based on the first. [/quote]

    Basically the exact same thing I thought. I haven't read the Bone comic(s), and the characters and world were good, but there was hardly anything to DO in the game. You do less than 20 "quests" (for lack of a better word) in the whole game!

    I didn't like the demo (for the same reasons as have been written many times), but I bought the game because I want to support you guys and help revitalize the adventure games industry. I do plan on buying the next episode, but ONLY because of what people have written here in the forums. What about those gamers who won't bother with the forums (over half, for sure)?

    Based on the demo, most people won't buy the first episode, and for those that do, based on the first episode, most people won't buy any future episodes, so that's a large part of the market you've probaly already turned off. I really do hope there's enough left for TTG to continue, I want to see the company thrive, but honestly, this is a pretty rocky start...

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    I finally got around to buying bone and I have to say that I liked it a lot. I didn't think the game was to short, rather the puzzles were too easy. Also it sounds like Thorn's voice had been digitally compressed or altered somehow, and Phone's lines were a bit weak at some points. Other than that I thought it was great and the ending was very good. Keep up the good work!

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    Graphics sound etc are all fine, they were never going to be an issue.

    Design of the game is fine, puzzles etc are all acceptable.

    The length of the game is disapointing. As a fan of, Adventure games and a love for the developers at Telltale I WILL buy the next episode, and I tell you I feel a little dirty because the product doesnt merit it. This game simply isnt worth $20 (especially converted from my currency), and if I wasnt such a crazed up adventure game addict I wouldnt of even bothered posting here.

    I am behind you, but dont abuse that trust and take us for granted.

    I understand Telltale is an indy developer and cant be directly compared to the mainstream industry. Obviously this means you cant have cutting edge graphics and the rest, which I dont even want, I am happy with the standard you have set and wouldnt mind if it was even decreased. But you MUST have cutting edge content.

    The Episodic model you are following should allow for more value for the consumer over long periods of time because it means for you smaller and cheaper dev cycles over long periods of time. So far all we have seen is less value.

    $50 USD is the price of a Full Game.

    $20 USD should at minimum have 2/5 the content of a Full Game. Not taking into consideration graphics, effects and the rest of that garbage, do you honestly believe that the content was anywhere close to 2/5 of a full priced game?

    I didnt think so.

    Scale back what you can to include extra content. Perhaps take a cue from Final Fantasy X and not dub minor characters unless it's an important scripted sequence, perhaps take a cue from Knights of the Old Republic and have a good portion of the minor cast speak another language allowing you to loop cheaply produced jibberish.

    Revisit old locations, i'm willing to sacrifice a little quality for quantity (just dont go over board). I understand you dont want to make your games too difficult for the casual gamers, but that is what the help option is for. To extend the length of your game, cheat.. make your puzzles harder and if you must have the help contain almost complete spoilers.

    The most important element to the episodic format is to leave the consumer at the end of each episode satisfied with what they have seen while simltantiously thirsting for more. To your credit I think everyone here is thirsting for more, but except for the easily pleased I doubt anyone is satisfied.

  • [quote]Scale back what you can to include extra content. Perhaps take a cue from Final Fantasy X and not dub minor characters unless it's an important scripted sequence, perhaps take a cue from Knights of the Old Republic and have a good portion of the minor cast speak another language allowing you to loop cheaply produced jibberish.

    Revisit old locations, i'm willing to sacrifice a little quality for quantity.

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. That is to say I disagree. Big time.

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    Video games are an artform of making things look larger and more complex than they really are.

    Im sure the design wizards at Telltale could create a design doc where both quality and quantity are in balance.

    Clearly im not suggesting they mass produce lengthy crap, but i'm not going to pretend that a balance has been struck.

    And if voice actors are a significant cost (I have no data to suggest either one way or another), and we could gain an extra 2 hours worth of content by not dubbing every farmer and stranger you meet, then yes that is something I am prepared to sacrifice.... Hell some of the best advenutre games had no dubbing at all, and is reading really that bad?

    And revisiting old locations if done properly can be rewarding and smart, your scepticism of the suggestion does a disservice to the wizards at Telltale. I believe if anyone can make it work they can.

    However that said, I am suggesting they cheat but make it seem like they are not. Their smarter people than you or I. Everyone is asking them to work harder, I am merely suggesting they work smarter to strike that balance.

    In the end we will all benefit.

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    Length of game, you hit it right on the head.

    I was stunned and could not believe how short the game was, It was so short I'm not sure if it should be CALLED a game. For 20$ I vote... RIP OFF, MOST DEMOS ARE LONGER THAN THIS WHOLE GAME!
    I've got every single book of Bone and I love the story and charactors. To be honest I feel cheated which is sad because I was looking forward to the other episodes. But will not be getting them.
    In parting ... Enjoy my 20$ it will be the last.

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