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Telltale, Please tell me how to remove Omid and Christa, I tried eveything!

posted by Yertos on - last edited - Viewed by 480 users

I really, really, want to know how to show the bite but have Omid and Christa not join. I was told it's almost impossible (Almost impies it's possible), but I've been a complete dick to both of them in episode 3 and 4, left Clem at the house without a gun, and still they want to help when I show the bite. I'm starting to think it's impossible to get rid of them. I'm trying to let Kenny know about the bite but still have only him join me at the end of 4, but only way I can get just him is to hide it which I want to avoid.

Now that it's all out, please just tell me what it takes to avoid Omid and Christa while showing the bite? I know for sure I'm not the only one trying to find out.

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