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Ep5 Ending: You guys made me cry! I hate you (No, actually I love you!!)

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Telltale, you guys are great! I feel like such a wuss now but I freaking cried my life out at the ending of episode 5... It's been a while since I felt such strong emotions toward virtual characters... Every death had an impact, this is great story telling! I can't be the only one, come one guys, who cried?

And I have to say felt like crap when I saw that Clem was all alone in the epilogue which had me thinking I didn't make the right calls throughout the game but as I read around the forums a bit, I realized that everybody has the same epilogue... I might be wrong though, I did see someone talk about a train ending, anyone can confirm that?

That would be my only minor gripe with this game, I felt like I had such an impact on everything but the epilogue. I told Omid and Christa that they should take Clem and I told them to meet us North and to find a boat and also told Clem to meet them but I find out she's stuck on her own... Man! There's a good chance they're the silhouette she spots at the end though... Still I would've liked to see how my choices have affected Clementine's future decisions in the epilogue but I guess there is also a good chance that we'll see more of that in season 2.

Anyway, I'm probably not the only one but season 2 is an instant buy for me!

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