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TWD Season 2 speculation/suggestion (merged threads)

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In the coming months, Telltale Games will release three more episodes of their adventure game The Walking Dead. They won't stop there, though. Telltale marketing executive Steve Allison said that they will create a second season eventually as well.

"Following the digital release of our fifth episode we will also be coming to North American retail shortly thereafter and this will not be the last The Walking Dead game series that we do," Allison told Polygon.

The Walking Dead has been a huge critical and commercial success for Telltale. The first episode, "A New Day," sold almost 1.7 million copies in its first two months. It's said to be the company's fastest-selling game ever.

The game starts before the events of the Walking Dead show and comic. Lee Everett, a man convicted of murder, has been unexpectedly free as a zombie outbreak sweeps the globe. He and a small group of survivors band together in order to stay alive. As Lee, players must endure zombie attacks as well as internal strife among the survivors.

It's not clear whether the second season of the game will be a direct continuation of the first season. They might just decide to tell a new story with a completely different cast of characters. I'd be happy with either. The writing for these games has proven top-notch so I have faith that Telltale could craft another compelling set of survivors for us to follow.

Episode 3 of Walking Dead will be available in August. "Following the digital release of our fifth episode we will also be coming to North American retail shortly thereafter and this will not be the last The Walking Dead game series that we do."

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  • @thunderbunny4 said: Made me laugh. That is seriously the only issue that I have with the Walking Dead. They do so much emotionally for the characters but as actual viewers, readers, or players, they just pile on crap and make it hard for us to be hopeful that anything good will ever happen.

    In fact, I remember reading somewhere and either Kirkman or someone working on the TV show said something along the lines of, "There is no cure, there is no safe zone, there is no place that has not been touched." And I immediately lost some interest in the series. Because as a viewer, reader, or player, you are hoping that something will go right, that they will somehow find a place where they are safe. But by saying what they did, they say that it is not a matter of IF but a matter of WHEN everyone becomes infected and/or dies. And what fun is that.

    I mean at that point the ending is set, the characters all have to die in some way, or people have to do a lot of zombie killing to make the world better again. And even then, everyone would turn when they died, so you would never be safe again.

    But the essence of the story is just that, nowhere is safe... Does an author tailor make his story to fit one's wishfull thinking of happy everafter? Not everyone gets to marry their highschool sweetheart, fall in love with Mr. Right, and the cancer patient sometimes just succumbs. Heh, my boss has a saying. "Life's a bitch, and then you die..." There is no hope in a Kirkman, society has gone to hell so make do with what you can, till your face is eaten off at least...

    (yes... my glass is half empty by the way:p)

  • @Rasher said: I think we should be a grown up Clementine. Maybe Lee's actions have an effect on Clementne's future. She is more of a ruthless survivor if Lee took wha he needed from the car and killed potential threats, and more compassionate and mercifull if Lee was.

    This would be just a little blurb at the beginning of the game and changes some npc reaction dialouge. Nothing big enough to give the writers a headache with huge decision trees. There must also be a default history.

    This idea has been said many a time and while it is nice enough, it won't happen. If Clem is in the next game then her max age will be 10/11.

  • well, I've heard a little bird singing something about a season 2 with the episodes 6-10, but i'm not sure.

    (sorry for bad english ^_^)

  • I'd actually really like to play as Christa in Season 2.

  • The only real reason I want a season two is because of the scene at the end. It didn't have enough closure for me, and to me, that's what is making this story get really big and interesting fast. I didn't really mind they ended the season with that ending scene, but if they didn't want people to want more, they should've just left it at the bang/close door fade to black scenes. Honestly, I would've probably felt better about the game.

  • It will be kinda hard to get so close to a character like Lee in TWD again,it just wouldn't be the samebut we may never know.I just want to find out what happened to Christa and Omid,and of course Clem.Honestly,in my opinion Telltale kinda ruined the epilogue. :)

  • Personally, I hope the next season is set sometime after the ending. Clem has been tougher, older and stronger. This way, she can be the main character. We will also see how the ending has affected her, who those were.

    I told Christa and Omid to look for her, most likely around that area. I don't think they gave up and moved on. Maybe they both got bitten. I think those two characters in the distance will be two new characters, with bad intentions. Christa and Omid (if they survived) would find Clem somewhere out in the 2nd season. Makes sense :P

  • I don't see why she wouldn't... If she wasn't, why would they even have that epilogue? The cliffhanger would be pointless.

  • @BlankCanvasDJ said: And you know this how?

    Telltale has two, possibly three, other huge projects that they've already announced coming down the line. I haven't heard them say anything about putting any of them on hold in order to jump into Season 2 right away.

    game developers dont all work on every project in production at the studio, TT games would not be the exception(example- JP production team wasn't involved in twd game production staff) . Also do to the success of this game id be shocked that they dont have a dedicated team to shelling season two out as fast as possible, seeing as this was the most financially successful game in tell tale history. I think a spring/ summer 2013 release is actually a pretty realistic one.. if they use the same tech for the series.

  • I have a feeling the new main character will be Rick


    I think the people Clem sees on the top of the hill are Carl, Rick, and Laurie

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