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The Most Tragic Part in Episode 5

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What was it to you?

Because to me, it was realizing that Ben never did what he wanted to do, show he can do something right.

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  • @lilTomTom said: Everything was tragic. There was not one lighthearted moment. If there was it was over shadowed by all the gloom, doom, and dread.

    Actually I smiled when Omid was talking about that bust of the guy in the attic,

  • @HiggsBoson2142 said: What was it to you?

    Because to me, it was realizing that Ben never did what he wanted to do, show he can do something right.

    LOL I like that part because it made my choice of letting him die look like the right choice, he was dead weight and killed way too many characters. You guys letting him live, sounds like it costed another person's life. (Kenny). So he was responsible for Kenny (if you let him live), Carly, Lilly, Kat, Chuck, and Duck dying.

  • @SteveTheBlocks said: Even if Ben never did anything right, to me he did finally made it right with Kenny in the end, even though he was still a cause of Kenny's death, Kenny chose to stay with Ben, not abandoning him.

    That goes to show that Kenny forgave him, and instead of killing himself with the bullet, he chose to use the last bullet on Ben so he wouldn't feel any pain, leaving himself to die by the walkers.

    Ken chose his fate. Ben didn't cause this one. and Kenny would have chosen that fate at some point anyway. He needed to redeem himself, for himself.

  • Lee telling Clem that he has been bitten right after Clem see her both parents are amongst the walking dead.

    Also me realizing that when she shut that gate that Lee would die and kill Clem (which thankfully didn't happen). That'd be an amazing ending though. Zombie Lee biting Clem who's crawled up in a corner... God... I'd have to take some anti-depressants if that was the case.

  • Clem seeing her parents and then finding out about Lee's bite. Awful timing for her.

    Ben and Kenny was quite sad as well, shows how quickly things can go to shit since there must only have been a few days that passed between them fleeing the motel from the bandits and Clem being the only known survivor of the group.

  • Ben and Kenny were real emotion tuggers for me. Especially when you don't realise at first Ben has been impaled. Once I saw the stake through his chest I was all, "Oh shit Ben..." and knew his fate was all but sealed. Then Kenny made the only unselfish choice for the first time throughout the season and finished Ben off so he wouldn't suffer...only to face that fate himself. For me I thought if anyone was going to survive it was going to be wrong I was.
    The boat being stolen was also a big one for me. I think it was mentioned earlier here that after all that work...all hope of everyone escaping unscathed was lost.
    Finally of course Lee's death. Which was disapointing for me, cause I had grown accustomed to the guy and had hoped he would survive the season. He was cool. Kind of knew his fate though with having waited so long for his arm to be amputated. He had to do it right away in order to have any hope at all for survival. But he did promise to keep Clem safe no matter what, so he made the ultimate sacrifice.
    Molly said it all back at the school in episode 4..."In the end, the dead always win."

  • One of the absolute worst parts for me was when the stranger asked how old Clem was and both Lee and I shouted out eight in triumph.

    But when he said she was nine and it was actually her birthday six days ago, my heart shriveled up. That was just a devastating moment for me.

  • When Clem was like 'Please get up Lee!' and tapping Q like a madman to try make Lee stand up in the jewellers at the end, but he just couldn't :(

  • @Haggis_McMutton said: to me, the whole episode has been tragic... every single part... it seemed like "downhill depression" (can't get better words, sorry...)

    it was...when i say Lee´s yellow eyes i was like: "hell no!!no way!!!they cant do that!!!!"

    ps:i cried....a...lots...

  • For me it's between the Ben and Kenny ending, and Clem and Lee in the store after she sees her parents.

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