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[SPOILERS]The Walking Dead episode 5 and entire game REVIEW thread

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Yup, this is it. Post your long and short, detailed or general, random or specific thoughts about the last episode and concluding thoughts about the Season right here.


(poll rates the whole game, not just episode 5)

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  • Though typing I cant talk. I think that was as sad as it could of been without making suicides. Lees bye. Ben and Kenny. Clems emotion. And I dont know what happened after the credits.
    I am so happy Clem lives. She is too great a charecter and to kill her would of killed the series. Some predictions came true but GOD. I cant talk. I wont sleep.

  • @Shrewsbury Survivor said:

    Until Season 2 ;)

  • I liked ep 5 slightly less than 1-4. (Posted a review of ep 1-3 here.)
    There were a couple of plotholes and unlikelihoods and the storytelling seemed a bit more sloppy. In my version *SPOILER* Kenny sacrifices himself for Ben in what is a pet peeve of mine: the 'entirely pointless heroic sacrifice'. Why did Kenny need to lock himself in that alley when he clearly had time to shoot Ben and run behind the gate in less time than the argument with Lee took? He could even have shot Ben from behind the gate.
    It was also a shame that by the end of it all, your decisions really don't amount to much. It doesn't really inspire me to do a replay.
    The ending itself was a bit of a downer but that was expected and fitting. Not so sure about the tease after the credits. Just a fade to black as soon as Lee died and a totally open ending would have been better maybe or Christa and Omid showing up on the stairs behind the door where Clem was standing (they could have seen them head into that building from the roof). Omid then taking Clem by the hand and leading her away as Christa promises to take care of her and puts a bullet in Lee's head. That still would have been fitting but a bit more hopeful.

  • Yes. Please by March guys.
    Cliffhanging here

  • I love this game, the entire thing. But there are things wrong with it. Mostly the broken promises as far as choice is concerned. No matter what you did, you still ended up in the same situations with the same predicaments.

    The game revolves around choice. In season 2 you need to expand on the repercussions of our decisions and actually make it feel like the game is not linear. No matter what you do, you still end up in the same forced situations. Carley's death is still the perfect example of this, even if there are several others. Cutting off Lee's arm also certainly didn't help much.

    I love the graphic novel graphics style, so that needs to stay. As does the great characters and nearly everything about this beautiful game. But don't make promises you can't keep.

    Also, teaser endings. Just no. NO! Make sure we have closure. You can have closure while still leaving the story open for another entry.

  • GOTY for me, unless another game comes out soon which tops that lol. The story was great and I'll play this about a hundred or more times :)

  • Ignoring all the technical grievances etc I'd give the game a 7.5.

    A longer development time and some real choice & consequence with a half dozen or so endings (see the witcher for something that really knows how to do this) could have brought the game up to 9 easily.

    There were some minor annoyances which again are half to do with lack of time I guess, but some silly things like not being able to pick up the knife after you finish with the walkie talkie guy, seriously - what if the dead come for clem?... You leave the house at the end of episode 4 to go search for clem and then do a u-turn and go back to the house?? Am I missing something there. Just a way to bring everyone's game back to one which is a shame, understandable but a shame.

    The bond telltale managed to create between lee and clem is one of the most emotive I've come across in a game, the problem with continuing with her story now is how they don't make her some bitter, twisted brat. Fingers crossed not.

    I'd actually prefer it I think it the episode thing was dropped in favour of a full game, with real development and financial clout to fulfil the promise of this first game.

  • Noticed the wagon when I first walked up to hotel

  • Insane reviews.. Was about to get out my credit card then thought 'wait, these reviews are amazing, can these be the same guys that enjoyed adventure games in the 90s a la LA point n click and the genius of infocom etc.. the real adventures..' then I checked join date and ..

    it's mostly fans of the tv series. ugh. Welcome etc but..

    (and I know I'm not alone) but it's a franchise game. These were bad in late 80s, terrible in 90s.. Monkey Island was barely passable so tell me as 'old skool' adventurer why would I buy this?

  • The best game of the year. Would have liked to see Lee live a bit longer, but I loved all the characters. This was a brilliant game.

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