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Walking Dead Playthrough - No Subtitles ?

posted by JaakkoAA on - last edited - Viewed by 506 users

Walking Dead game has an awesome storyline so I would like to do a music video of it. The problem is my computer isn't good enough for recording purposes because the game lags a little so I'm looking for walkthrough videos.

Does anybody know of a hd walkthrough in youtube that has no subtitles? I can't find any. Thanks.

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  • Well I found one but I need the one where lee didn't get the cloth from the car for clementine. :guybrush:

  • Errr, editing off a existing youtube video is horrible. Firstly you can only work with the content of the uploader. That means you can't make specific shots and scenes that you need. Secondly it's a pain in the ass to edit. Most of the time you need to download the entire video. For example if I make a video and I want 1 specific scene I can just rewind to that spot and shoot it exactly how I want it without quality loss. You can't. And the fact that 99.99% of the uploaders have subtitles enabled surely doesn't help.

    Either find a way to record yourself or just don't bother making a video at all, that's my honest advice.

  • I tested the recorder and it actually records better quality than what I can download from hd videos. I'm just not sure if the small lag is acceptable. It happens for example when the characters are running or something fast is going on then they are like skipping a few frames.

  • Tried turning the graphical quality at all down?

    Maybe ditch Anti-Aliasing (If Possible, PS3 Player here)

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