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[SPOILERS]The Walking Dead episode 5 and entire game REVIEW thread

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Yup, this is it. Post your long and short, detailed or general, random or specific thoughts about the last episode and concluding thoughts about the Season right here.


(poll rates the whole game, not just episode 5)

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  • Despite my issues with the final chapter I still loved this game. The journey itself was really enjoyable and it was much better than I expected any Walking Dead game to be. At times I found myself looking forward more to this than the TV show or comic. I have extremely high hopes for season 2. Hopefully with the success of season 1 they will be able to put a little more time and money into it. With a few changes the next game could easily be GOTY. Thanks TTG.

  • To be honest.. i really dont think its Omid and Christa. I Think it can be Lilly and some other guy. Or it can be Vernon and Someone else who had cancer. We just have to wait until the game comes out... >.

  • Gonna be a hell of a wait. But it'll be worth it.


  • With the end of episode 5, i have a topic for you all. Do you think their should be a season 2? if yes, tell where it should start off and go from the start (like Lee in the car that crased in Ep:1) if no, why should their not be a sequal? :confused::confused::confused:

  • The greatest gaming experience I've had in years. I can't even remember another game that has had such an impact on me (and most likely the gaming world) in years.

    Telltale literally deserve all the awards.

  • I'm glad i'm not a crier - or else my keyboard would be soaked because of that moment with lee and clem.

  • I'm going with "It was pretty good."

    Fantastic storytelling, but horrid technical issues. Though episode 5 was the first one I played with zero bugs or slowdowns.

  • Overall, I really liked the game a lot. I too was disappointed there were not a few different endings, but that doesn't mean that overall the experience of playing and making the choices was not fantastic - it just means I probably will not play through again (though I am thinking about it just to chose Carly over Doug and see how that plays out).

    I thought it was fantastic how much time you spent conversing with other people in the game vs. fighting zombies.

    I also didn't mind how subplots here and there were left hanging (like the bandits as a group surviving, or what really happened to everyone at the end).

    As with so many other responders, there were a few issues I'd like to bring up to make the next season even better or just general story issues:

    1) I played through on the iPad, and there were some occasional control glitches which were pretty serious in that they had me making a choice I did not make in some conversations - sometimes an option diagonally opposite the one I pressed, so it wasn't just like I was missing buttons. In a game where choices you make are so important to your custom narrative the absolute worst error the game can make is select a choice other than the one you pressed.

    2) Speaking of control glitches Also the most aggravating part of the whole game was one that should not have been, the hiding behind the moving tractor scene - it took me about 15 tries to figure out how to drag my finger so he would follow the tractor, counter-intuitivley by trying to keep as far away from it as possible.

    2) Whatever you did to graphically indicate the things in the world were "interactable", that worked quite well for me. I would have liked to see some similar treatment of places I could transition into other areas when walking around, sometimes it was fussy about letting me move from one area to another (the top of Crawford when I was coming back after going to the alley, it took me some time to realize how to walk back to the main room).

    3) I also wish in some cases there was more about the intent of making a specific narrative choice, as sometimes the narrative was ascribing to me motives that were not why I chose that option. Mostly they were right though.

    4) I told the little girl to spit out the meat at the farmhouse and she did, though I got accused of letting her eat human flesh. No sir I did not let her eat human flesh, she spit it out.

    5) I am the master of disbelief suspension. I am willing and able to follow a story almost anywhere, no matter how absurd... but a point that bothered me, and something I can't believe no-one else brought up - if the Stranger was monitoring Lee the whole time, that would have meant Lee's radio would have had to have been on ever since the car scene at least - a week or more? I want to know what kind of batteries he had in that thing! But I sure wouldn't want to buy the brand of walkie talkie that always transmits, though there I can rationalize it being dropped and basically always in transmit mode (though then how would they ever receive anything?). I liked the concept of the stranger and what happened there because of the car, I was glad to see repercussions from that major action by the group. I just thought it was hinged wrong around that radio. It almost would have made more sense to have Ben be a spy for him somehow (boy was I glad to drop that moron down the bell tower after he revealed at the worst possible moment that he was the traitor from the first group).

    I will absolut"lee" buy season two.

  • While it was a good story, I don't feel as if it was too much more than an interactive movie. The decisions made that were supposed to be important lacked sufficient impact and don't really matter.

    That being said, it's still an excellent interactive game and a great story. I just didn't feel as if the story was tailored, or "custom-fit", to my choices.

    I'd give it a 7 out of 10. I'd probably give it a 10 out of 10 if the writing had made the story branch out more based on your choices rather than writing them off in the same way.

  • Idk but i think maybe she got to the country-side with the zombie blood all over her. But i think it should have been dried off by then. :/

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