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Walking Dead Episode 5 No matter what i do the episode wont work

posted by bionix on - last edited - Viewed by 193 users

aany chance of a refund for those of us that cant finish the game? I never ask for this type of stuff but in this case i really have an incomplete game.

No matter what i do the episode wont work. Clear cache on 360, re-download the episode, start from the last chapter of episode 4, no luck.

Love these games but if its not a complete game we should get some help.

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  • 360 version? Not an expert on this stuff, but I think Microsoft would be who to ask about that.

  • Your chance of a refund is....... ..... NIL.

    It freaking says so when you initially purchase your DLC items.

    Any DLC items.


    Edit: things you might do - replay from episode 1, or uninstall the game and re-download it all, from scratch.

    Edit 2: Something else you might try, check out the boards on Gamefaqs for this game and the Xbox in general. Maybe someone else had a similar issue with this game, or a different XBArcade game that can give you some insight in how to overcome the problem.

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