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One of the strangers is Lilly

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I know that one of the Strangers is Lilly (In my opinion)
Don't you think like that ?

Who could be better that Lilly?
Lilly was a great character she's still alive

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  • @Gman5852 said: No sadly. Robert Kirkman wrote a book starring Lilly and her backstory is completely different than Telltale's and the books story and the games story were written at the same time. It was a lack of communication between the two sadly, so Telltale made game Lilly, not comic Lilly.

    This is what I was referring to. Based on this, I doubt they will even reference her in future installments.

  • Though she may be considered a different Lilly, i think the game is still played out assuming she IS comic Lilly(as Telltale had probably planned) and they didn't have the time/didn't want to change anything about her in the game after the book was released(besides removing a few obvious references, such as the trophy name).

    For all intents and purposes, Lilly has left the Walking Dead game universe, one way or another(in my opinion).

  • @N7. said: I know that one of the Strangers is Lilly (In my opinion)
    Don't you think like that ?

    Who could be better that Lilly?
    Lilly was a great character she's still alive

    I'd like it to be Lilly as well but there are story and real world issues that may prevent Lilly from rejoining the group.

    The story would kinda make sense and be good if both Clem and Christa & Omid tried to meet at the train but the area was too thick with walkers. They all just kept moving/evading until they met up again as shown in the end of e5.

    TTG may not have any more license from Kirkman to bring Lilly back (or Glenn or Hershel too). But Clem, Omid and Christa are more linked to the video game and should be an easy sell.

    These seem to be the limiting factors - what makes a good story and what characters will Kirkman allow TTG to cast.

  • There were two of them, right? So here goes:

    There were two, so they were a Duo. Tom and Jerry were a duo.

    Ben is a character in the game, and Jerry is part of the aforementioned duo. Ben and Jerry is an ice cream company.

    There are traditionally 32 flavors of ice cream

    32 is half a stack of items in minecraft

    Minecraft is a game about blocks

    Larry had a block dropped on his head

    Lilly is Larry's daughter

    Therefore the OP is right, Lilly is obviously there.

  • Wouldn't mind seeing that Molly chick back

  • I get it now!
    those two are Lilly and Kenny arguing if they go north or south :D

    Season 2: The rematch! :p

    I liked that Lilly was originally meant to go on to appear in the comics but The Road to Woodbury pisses all over that fate for game Lilly.I'm always a bit disappointed when I found out that some good content was cut from a game before release but changing or cutting it afterwards... :mad: :(

    Now, I would Like to see at least a cameo by game Lilly in season 2 or even 3(if there is one),I would like and enjoy a continuation or conclusion to her story.
    How has she survived or turned out could depend on your saves.Has she lost it and is ruthless or is she looking for redemption? Is she an asset to another group,a lone wolf or is she just using other survivors for her own gain? You could even have her die or her death confirmed since she isn't now tied to the comics.

    I know that Kenny's fate is more certain but I wouldnt be averse to seeing Kenny again either dead,alive or even a walker. I personally prefer characters fates to have definitive conclusions rather than things being left ambiguous.

  • Screw Road to Woodbury, I say game Lilly is comic Lilly! I thought the strangers were Christa and Omid. They didn't move like walkers, and the one in front was taller than the one in back. Plus, the tall one raised a hand to Clem right before the end, which I took to mean that the two were friendly. Christa and Omid are pretty much the only people, aside from Clem, who could have gotten out of Savannah and into the countryside, which is just what Christa wanted to do in the first place.

  • I eat Little Babies


  • I hope so. They can be anybody except Omid&Christa. For me, they are new characters or they are someone we already know from season one (like Lilly but not Molly,if I'm not wrong there are some players out there who left Molly bitten on episode4).
    But I'm pretty sure they are not Omid&Christa. They are gone. If they were them, we should see this scene at the ferry not on a lonely field, right? Is Telltale trying to surprise us?
    I don't think so.

    Lilly is a different character than the comic Lilly and as a Lilly fan if Telltale decides to make her the second protagonist, I'm totally ok with the idea! (I see Kenny lovers' faces :P)
    And I think the main reason for seperating both Lilly's was because of their need of using game Lilly in the future somehow.
    Anyway, she is a killer now and this "killer" theme seemed familiar to me. Lilly murdered in front of a little girl. It may create a good drama with a reminder:Clem around;).

    All are my predictions, though.

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