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(Ep.2 SPOILERS!) Did anyone actually kill the St. John. Brothers?

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I know the majority of you didn't kill the St. John. Brothers, but I was wondering if anyone did? To be honest, I did. It thought it wouldn't matter if they were dead or not, they would still be walker bait. I wanted the brothers to have a taste of their own medicine. Who knows all the people they killed? Seeing all the blood in the slaughter room tells me they killed a lot of people.

The St. John. brothers planned on killing the group, and I just couldn't let such threats live on. I don't care the circumstances. The only regret I have for killing the St. John. Farmers is how it affected Clementine. I hate for Clementine to see me killing both brothers. I wonder how much it really affects her later on in the episodes. My Lee would do anything for the sake of the groups survival, and killing the Brothers assured the safety to the group that much more to me, even if they were very weak and trapped. Having them killed gave me a feelings that no one else can be affected by them again. So what are your guys take on this?

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