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An idea for The Protagonist of Season 2

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Right.. so here me out here...

What if in Season 2, you are a white male ...

but! there a catch! since its continuing from season 1, I guess people are having doubts on how it'd get us attached to the characters, since it was at the start of the infection. We got attached cause of there adaption and there response, how THEY struggled with it. Season 2 will be harder, since the protagonist will already be experienced.

So how about this.. you're a teenager (16 -18) who struggles with decisions, choices might be vague or hard, to represent the teenagers age.

Also your "Clementine" is .... A dog! .. now here me out on this ... i know many pet lovers would agree with me, but what do you think to this? a dog is your traveling companion, essentially being the same as a child, you'll have to look after it, and it'll remain loyal, don't and it'll die slowly.. will you sacrifice your supplies for it? Now I was thinking it'd be a big dog, something like a Doberman.
Just think about it, A pet is just as likely to gain as much love as Clemmy would too, and we'd essentially still have the "teaching" segment in, I.E teaching the dog not to foolishly defend you agaitns like 3 walkers, cause it'd easily get overwhealmed and die.

I'd like to see YOUR response on this.

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