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Unimportant Character Death Rant

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I am thinking about characters that came into the serious that you never really got to know well. Three names come to mind.

1. Mark
Mark came into the story in episode two. He seemed like a really cool guy and I looked forward to having him play a role in the story, until he was eaten and died without me really even getting to know him. It's a shame and his death ended up meaning nothing, as we never really had a non-linear aquaintanceship. This is so much so that he was left out of ending character bios as there was nothing besides his death to tell of. Therefore his death really meant nothing to me and was nothing more than a placeholder to use in the St. John storyline.

2. Brie
Brie was quite an asshole in my opinion, but what a waste of a powerful character death. After the whole Crawford school sequence the only person whose fate is sealed is some woman you don't care for and barely know. I saved Ben even though I didn't like him, so that whole situation had no real effect on me. Not that I wanted a character death, but this is just what reminds me of the standard killing off a character from the expendable chopping block, even if I wanted her dead anyway.

3. Chuck
Chuck could have been a large role in the game. After losing Lilly, Carley/Doug, Katjaa, and Duck all in the same day, Chuck is the first guy you meet. He seemed like he will be a good group member and was the most badass hobo out there. Then he is killed off in a matter of hours in-game time. I was so shocked by the fact no one else cared. I even picked "Let's go find Chuck" every chance until I found him dead. Once again he was not mentioned in the after-screen. Chuck had so much potential and became a pointless charcter death because Telltale didn't want to implement him more. It was easier to kill him off, so they took the easy way out.

Overall these chopping block deaths, especially Chuck, really tick me off as a player, although to Telltale's defense, the game is fine with these deaths.

Anyone else agree, disagree, or have any thoughts about it?

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