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The Walking Dead - Can't truly save the correct person in Ep. 1...?

posted by Junknugget on - last edited - Viewed by 634 users

At the point in the first episode where you chose to either save Doug or Carley, I picked Carley (along with 76% of you apparently). So the animation of Doug being brutally devoured went on, I got punched in the face by some bald guy, rescued by my redneck buddy, got on the truck and went to the motel. It made sense when I saw Carley at the motel.

What didn't make sense, was when I started the second episode to see Carley die in the "previously..." scene, and see Doug up and kicking at the motel with Carley nowhere to be seen (dead, I presume)

My actions clearly mattered during episode 1, but does anything I do effect the other episodes as well? :(

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