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The Walking Dead problem on PS3, need help!

posted by toniee99 on - last edited - Viewed by 224 users

So I got episode 1 for free from PS plus, right after playing it I decided to buy the season pass. After that I had no problems with each episode. Now episode 5 comes out on the same day my PS plus expires (most likely irrelevant) so I repurchase my PS plus subscription.

I start up the walking dead and I cant play any episode besides episode 1 but its only the demo. So I look at the buy episode menu in the game and it shows me that all the episodes are installed besides episode 1 which says "Get" next to it. I go to my downloads in the PSN store, no episode 1 to be found. I go to episode 1 in the PSN store, and it has the blue bag next to it (Meaning i got it before and is available for repurchase).

Since I bought the season pass it should be free, no? Also I'm able to buy the season pass again as if I never bought it (Not sure if it was always like that). Anyone know what's up? Or am I going to have to buy episode 1 again?

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    MattP Telltale Alumni

    Your free copy of Episode 1 is only available as long as you have your PS+ account active. The Episode 1 unlock key you were given was associated with your PS+ membership. Since you allowed the account to expire, you will need to reinstall Episode 1. This should not affect your saves or other episodes. When you reinstall Episode 1, you will need to reinstall the game content and the unlock key. This unlock key should be associated with your season pass purchase.

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