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Top 10 choices?

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I'm wondering what your top 10 choices in the entire game were. It doesn't have to be the hardest, most emotional, most impactful, etc. It can just be what your personal top 10 was.

10. Deciding what to say to Kenny. (This only happens if you don't kill Larry and while you're walking away from the dairy, you have an option on what to say to him. Though this isn't exactly a choice, I remember how much the words hit me when Lee said them. Lee said "You're no hero. You destroyed TWO lives in that meat locker.)

9. Kill Duck (Not a hard choice, but very emotional.)

8. Shoot the girl on the street (I didn't kill her but hearing her constantly scream made me regret my choice.)

7. Kill the St. Johns (I initially killed Danny, but Clementine's reaction made me immediately go back and do it again. Deciding whether or not to kill Andy wasn't hard, but one of the greatest scenes in any video game.)

6. Show/Hide Bite (Also not a hard choice, but the shock value of it was so great I couldn't not put it on the list.)

5. Deciding who to tell your secret to/who to feed (Only for Carley players. I ended up telling everybody but I remember I spent a good half hour deciding who to tell. For the food choice, I also remember thinking for a long time on who were the right people to feed. I chose Mark,Larry,Clem, and Duck.)

4. Leave/Shoot Lee (I had to tell Clementine to shoot me. It was so hard but I knew it was the right thing to do.)

3. Abandon Lily (After Carley died, this was such a hard choice and I could barely gather my thoughts to make a coherent decision. In order, I trusted Clementine, then Carley, and then Lily. To have one of the most important people killed in front of me by another important person to me, I was speechless.)

2. Steal the Food (I remember pausing the game for five minutes and I had to think about it for a long time. In the end, I stole it because we were starving and after a long day, our team needed a small victory.)

1. Kill Larry (I applaud TellTale for this. This choice was clever, gruesome, and had a deep affect on the story. You have to decide whether or not to kill somebody you hate and after he dies a horribly awesome death(I was playing at 3 am and then I let out a scream of terror in my house and then maniacal laughter), you know the group and Clementine won't recover from this. You were locked in a meat locker by cannibals, and this is the first time you see the people you trust turning into more monsters than the walkers outside and tearing each other apart. I've never been more shocked, scared, and nervous while making my decision.)

That's my top ten. I'd like to hear yours. They don't all have to be major decisions. Some can be dialogue options.
(If you're wondering, some choices like Lie to Hershel, Save Shawn or Duck, side with Duck at the drugstore, Fight Kenny, and save Omid or Christa, I didn't know were choices.)

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  • 10. Lilly talk
    9. Kenny talk
    8. St. John killings
    7. Larry's death
    6. Ducks Death
    5. Showing bite or not
    4. Saving Doug/Carley
    3. Keeping weapons with campman
    2. Cutting arm off or not
    1. Having Clem shoot you or not

  • I actually think trying to decide who to give the food too in episode 2 was a big choice. I chose the kids and offered it to Katjaa but she said she was fine, offered to lily and she was fine, gave one to carly then decided to give the last piece to larry since I figured lily would prefer that than her and was hoping he wouldn't get on my case later for it.

    Another for me was when I was trying to think on who to take to look for Clemantine and deciding whether to take Ben or not.

  • The Hardest
    10. The Hunger Games (I fed Clemmy, Duck, Kenny and Larry)
    9. Clem to Crawford (Brought her)
    8. Boy in the attic (Told Kenny to kill him)
    7. Who was in charge (I said Lilly was)
    6. Cutting off the arm (kept it)
    5. Killing the woman in the street (left her)
    4. Stealing from the car (didn't steal)
    3. Leaving Lilly (left her)
    2. Killing Danny (left him)
    1. Killing Larry (killed him)

  • Note: Some of these are each type, hardest, important, etc... they're in no real order except most important or hardest down to the lesser of each set.

    1) Saving Carley
    2) Cutting off Lee's Arm
    3) Saving Ben
    4) Taking the food from the Car
    5/6) Letting the St. John's live..... for a bit.
    7) Choosing to shoot Duck so his parents wouldn't have to.
    8) Leaving the Woman in the street to die.
    9) Giving the girl at the motor inn the gun
    10) Cutting off that one dude's leg.

  • Some choices did have a huge impact on me, although they weren't hard because my instincts kicked in right away.

    1. Help Lilly/Kill Larry - the most affecting decision in the entire series... it is still hard to watch.
    2. Save Doug or Carley - I hadn't yet become as resistant to those decisions as I am now, so this choice back then in ep. 1 was still tough. Although I didn't get to spend much time with Doug, it wasn't easy to let any of them die.
    3. Ration the food - by far the hardest choice in the game... I was torn between what was right and what I wanted to do.
    4. Having Clem shoot me or not wasn't as hard for me as choosing the appropriate things to say. I wanted to tell her so much things and there was just not enough time.
    5. Stealing the food - this made me think what was indeed the right choice and now after I've finished playing I now that stealing the food the was the right choice for my group.

    Most of the other choices were pretty easy for me.
    Killed Duck - didn't care about Kenny at all, but I had to take care of Robin. The difficulty was not in the choice itself, but the moment.
    Getting Lilly on the RV - the was the easiest choice for me. Of course I would take her back.
    Chopping my arm - I didn't have some foolish dreams I would survive. I knew I was a goner and I needed my both hands if I was to save Clem. Plus, chopping my arm seemed like a bigger risk than anything else.
    Showing the bite- I didn't hesitate for a second.

    I do hope season two will present me with more difficult choices because including Kenny in a choice is not a choice at all :D

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