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Walking Dead is nominated for Game of the Year

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Spike TV’s 2012 Video Game Awards has announced that The Walking Dead is on the list of nominees for Game of the Year! Good job, Telltale!

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  • @ErikTheViking said: Hard to consider this game of the year worthy when people have been having their saves wiped out with 3 of the 5 episodes. 10 out of 10 for story but def not game of the year with all the bugs and game shattering glitches.

    I concur, the story and creative process are a 10/10 for this game. The execution and support are wanting.

  • It deleted my savegame and I votet for it...Look at Bethesda, they are basically the kings of bugs and there games are still freaking awesome.
    Sure it sucked that I had to play everything again but, well...Shit happens ;)

  • @TheGreatRobin said: It deleted my savegame and I votet for it...Look at Bethesda, they are basically the kings of bugs and there games are still freaking awesome.
    Sure it sucked that I had to play everything again but, well...Shit happens ;)

    IMO, if a large volume of Fallout3 or Skyrim characters had the save data wiped out 2/3 the way through the game, it would reflect very badly on Bethesda.

    The glitches that these games have pale in comparison to the glitches and game-breakers experienced by TTG's customers.

  • @Vainamoinen said: Thug,

    people vote for the game when they loved it. That's all there is to know.

    Those who experienced a lot of bugs are unlikely to vote for it, so there probably is a definite approval bump in the "Game of the year" because of these people just as EA's Mass Effect 3 will have problems securing its usual fanbase because of factors like Origin & the game's ending.

    But those who experienced not many bugs in TWD can not 'unlike' the game for problems others experienced. That's just not how this works. I can not imagine that some bugs will NOT have repercussions on this vote; but you can't force them either. You really can't.

    the game itself, i loved. no question it was an awesome game. its the fact that even after 4 episodes into it, they couldnt fix the same bug that was deleting peoples saves. 4 out of the 5 episodes... still nothing was fixed. out of any ps3 game ever, this is the first time ive ever seen it happen. im saying for season 2, you guys really need to step up your tech support. it sucks seeing all these people praise this game bc they didnt have to go thru what a good majority of PS3 users went thru. it feels like theres no point to finish the game if none of my choices are even saved. i understand im being a huge debbie downer, but it needs to be well-known. imagine playing ANY video game, and u get to the 2nd to last level, and everything is wiped out. i think that is a pretty damn big deal. and it didnt just happen in ep4, it was happening well before that.

  • From what I've gathered though, not a lot of people are actually voting for AC3 or Borderlands 2. I've mostly seen Journey and TWD as the people's choice, so I'm guessing it's really between those two.

  • I voted for The Walking Dead in every category except female voice actor. Femshep was just too good. That said, The Walking Dead is my favorite game ever. EVER!

  • This deserves our votes guys !

  • I have a strange feeling they will fuck up with season 2.

  • Now that's cost efficiency. Even becoming a nominee on a dramatically different budget. The bigger companies should take note and listen to what long-time gamers have been telling them for a long while.

    The shiniest graphics are not the be-all and end-all of great presentation. Not in gameplay, not even in cutscenes. They should dare to push more than the RAM in our machines. They should dare to try something besides instant gratification.

    For the first time in a while it's the player that's getting THEIR buttons pushed.

  • @Panzer89 said: Where it's probably going to get stomped by the three triple-A title titles it's up against. I honestly have no idea why they put it (and Journey for that matter) for game of the year. It's a good game yes, but even with the pull of the TV show fans, I just don't think it's going to happen.

    The places where it stands a MUCH better chance of winning is best adapted and downloadable game.

    This sucks but I agree. Against 3 hard hitting action packed games, the walking dead which is low on action but strong in story and emotional plots will not take home the gold. On the other hand it has a strong chance for best adapted and downloadable game if enough people vote who have played the game. Can only hope, would love to see Tellltale games get an award for there hard work on this game.

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