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What characters would you like to see in Season 2?

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I'm still trying to decide if I want Clementine's story to be left up to interpretation and focus on a new cast in Season 2, or whether it should carry on from the ending of No Time Left.

Assuming it does carry on, who would you like to see? I think I'd really like to see Clementine, Molly, Omid and Christa return, but I think the rest should be new characters - at least one new male lead.

There's a lot of interesting dynamics they could explore in the next season - with Omid and Christa (who I like to think were the two people in the distance in the ending), I think it would be great to explore Christa's apparent pregnancy more. Unlike with Lori in the comics and show who wants to have her baby, there seems to be a reluctance with Christa to bring hers into this world given the state of things. It would be interesting to see if she had a miscarriage for example and see how that would affect her mental state.

With Molly, there's obviously a lot of potentially back-story they could delve further into with her sister and leaving the group. It would be cool if Season 2 picked up a few months after and she runs into Omid, Christa and Clementine, only to discover the fate of Lee and the others. Would she feel guilty for leaving them? I'd like to see them explore her trust issues and how that would impact her decision to leave the group again or decide to stay.

I'd also like to see a character replace Lee whom Clementine initially sees as a sort of replacement figure for Lee, but perhaps distances himself a bit from Clem for her own sake, who maybe had a daughter of his own. Clementine would struggle with getting over Lee's death and realising that he simply cannot be replaced, and perhaps the same could be said of new male character.

I'm kind of just spouting my own ideas here, but I definitely think there could be some really intense stories told in the next season. No matter what happens, I'm looking forward to it! What characters do you think you'd like to see return if any do?

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