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Who cried during the finale?

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Admitting tears is no shame:(

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  • Ditto. A perfect "Aww, *sniff... tears*" ending.

  • No offense guys, but if you didn't "see" how this was going to end by the wrap-up of Chapter 2 then you must never have read The Walking Dead or know the basis of it.

    There is no "winning" in the Zombie Apocalypse. There is only breaking even for as long as you can.

    Lee did everything he could in every way imaginable and you know what? He bought Clem longer to do the same.

    No one is safe. Nothing is sacred.

    [quote]"We ARE the walking dead!"[/quote]

  • @Vainamoinen said: I just merged three "Did you cry" threads - sorry for those lost polls, I kept the largest intact. A fourth thread will follow immediately. :rolleyes:

    attaboy Vain! And it should be noted that anyone who starts a new "crying" thread "should be boiled with thier own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through thier heart, ", or at least have the Dickens slapped out of them.

  • I never reached actual tears, but I did feel an intense sorrow watching the ending play out. I tried both endings to Lee's story, with him asking Clementine to shoot him and asking her to leave him. They are both so intensely sad, but I think asking her to leave him is by far a sadder end.

    Her pleading with him to come with her and not become a walker, right to her final words asking him "Don't go..." and then watching as his lifeless body slumps against the radiator. Man, I felt so sad watching that play out. Episode 5 was just intensely sad from beginning to end, much more so than any other chapter and that final chapter in the jewelry store was just plain heartbreaking.

  • I'd say I was just a shy short of CinnamonToastKen's reaction to this. I had then started to wonder whether I could somehow ratchet up the misery a few steps more, so I went ahead with some musical alterations to the scene. Even if pushing it a little, given our sensibilities, it will certainly pass muster with someone from over here. However, I can only guess how one outside that native background might take to it (likely a deal over the top for some), so consider it at the least a cultural experiment.

  • Holy Crap, not only did i Cry, i broke down in front of my family. This was insane. I felt a little sad about katjaa, ;ess about the other deaths, but holy crap was the ending heartbreaking.

    Not since the last episode of Battlestar Galactica with Adama and Roselyn did i cry so much.

  • I literally cried on Lee's last moments, when Clem shot Lee I was sad.
    At the end of the credits might have been christa and omid at the distance so she might be safe

  • *Slowly raises a hand* ...And I'm a girl.. (Not that matters, cry your eyes out men!)

    But seriously, I get a bit hurt by comments like "If you didn't cry at the end, YOU'RE NOT HUMAN >:C". So what am I? An alien? Seriously, I just knew it was just a game, not real. If it was real I would cry untill I died from dehydration. But really, I don't tend to do that a lot in games.

    It's okay to cry, but it's also okay when you don't cry.. Right? XD

    P.S. Excuse me for my English, it's not my mother tongue c:.

  • Well if im honest i did feel like crying, and the reason was is because the characters are not just some cheesy made up on the spot people who are like mindless idiots, I actually adapted to the characters (im a guy by the way) And when kenny died...I felt destroyed, I loved him, I loved the whole series. Can't wait for the next 5!

  • I didn't, I was more astonished than sad.

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