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[Steam] TWD - This game is currently unavailable ( Application running )

posted by hoteske on - last edited - Viewed by 216 users

I'm having trouble getting The Walking Dead to work. I get this error every time I attempt to open it: "This game is currently unavailable (Application running)"

I've tried numerous suggestions:
[*]Changed the properties of walkingdead101: compatibility Windows 98/me and allowed to run as admin
[*]Allowed access through firewall
[*]Turned off the wireless adapter after starting Steam, before running the game
[*]Went through my task manager to terminate walkingdead
[*]Verified game cache of The Walking Dead through Steam
[*]Removed the dll and vdf files from the folder
[*]and a few other suggestions that I don't remember

My system is Windows 7. Thanks for any help.

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