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Smartest Characters.

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I would have to go with Chuck.
Chuck basically saved 2 people's lives (If Lee fails it) by telling Lee that Clem has to learn how to shoot.

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  • @Forsoothe said: Travis.

    His father was Special Forces, he knew what he was doing!

  • @Forsoothe said: Travis.

    Because just screaming and slowly walking away is the best plan ever.

  • @HiggsBoson2142 said: Because just screaming and slowly walking away is the best plan ever.

    Says the guy who found a hatchet on the door handles and assumed it was luck :p

  • @YamiRaziel said: Says the guy who found a hatchet on the door handles and assumed it was luck :p

    "Shut, up Lilly!" -Larry

  • Well I think you have to define smart first, which someone did pretty well by making two categories - book smart and street smart. In my opinion, being SMART in the ZA means knowing how to survive. The book smarts (like Doug knowing how to program tv remotes) aren't really that impressive. Carley lives just as long as him even without knowing how to put batteries in (though of course, technical skills are a plus but they're just not essential and probably won't save your life).

    Lilly was paranoid about the count (and right) and Kenny was paranoid about the St. Johns (and right). I think in terms of the ZA Chuck might have been the smartest for recognizing that a kid is no longer a kid. Pretty much all the rest of the characters still had a very weak spot for children. Thus, they let their guard down when it comes to them (Kenny not wanting to stop the train, Lee getting bit, etc).

    I think Lilly was probably the smartest due to her being in the military and had Larry died any other way (one she felt maybe was less avoidable) then she really would not have had a weakness for anyone.

  • [LIST=1]
    [*]Clementine (yes, Clementine).

    Lee was the smartest, with Doug as a close second. Though, making a college professor oblivious to how a universal remote works was just poor writing, I'm sorry.

    Doug: "I can reprogram the remote to work for those TVs."

    Lee: "You can just do that?"

    Lol he sounded so amazed.

  • I think each person is smart in their own way.

    Doug is smart in the traditional sense, knows a lot about technical stuff, etc. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to get you very far in the zombie apocalypse.

    Then there's the "survival smart" types. Each person seems to have adapted to the situation in their own ways. Chuck is smart in a "wise sage" sort of way. He knows what must be done to survive in this world.

    Molly is smart in that she works with the walkers weaknesses, using their sluggish movement, low intelligence and overall poor mobility against them. I think she has the highest chance of survival with her methods, if she remains alone.

    Lee just plain adapts to everything, always figures out how to keep going, how to keep winning and how to keep living(well...mostly). The main thing i see with Lee is that his actions and judgment are clouded when Clementine is in danger(hence why he's not careful with the walker in episode 4), and he loses everything for it. That's what i think, at least.

    With regards to traditional "smartness", it would be Doug. Survival theories would be Chuck, survival tactics is Molly, and...survival action is Lee(I'm not good at this).

    Out of these, i figure people like Molly would survive the longest, followed by Lee and a close second Chuck. Doug would probably die without a group to assist him.

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