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who feels bad for Ben?

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if you saved ben back in crawford you get to the house and it gets kinda intense:

Kenny says that "Lee should have left your ass back in crawford, we have enough problems".
Ben replies: "FUCK YOU KENNY"
"I am so,so,SO sorry about katjaa and duck, I AM. and I know i fucked up, BUT stop pushing me around and STOP wishing I was dead.

"NO!,you know how they died, you've said GOODBYE, I never got to see my family, my little you get that?your family is gone but at least you had them to lose."

"I never made it home. They could be alive or dead or walkers or WORSE and I don't know. SO GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!"

(I don't remember exactly what he said)

that's just sad, I feel bad for him.

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