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does anybody know when the season 2 of this game will come out

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just a question does anybody no when the next season of this game will come out as ive just finished the game n really looking foward to see what happens next can anybody help me ?

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  • If they use the same engine and team, wouldn't it be just like releasing more episodes from Season 1? February sounds quite reasonable to me for the first episode of S2.

  • It'll either be around Spring 2013 (like Season 1) or Winter 2013, more similar to what they had originally planned for Season 1 (it was scheduled for Winter 2011 but it was delayed).

    Either way, we've got a long wait. It'll be worth it though. For real.

  • Probably not until Fables and King's Quest are both finished. So I'm guessing sometime in 2014.

  • I was under the impression it'd be comming out tomorrow....shit.

  • Based on the posts in this thread so far I think it's safe to assume that S2 will be released sometime between February 2013 and December 2014. :D

  • Probably in 2014, they still have that Fable game to make, which will probably come out in 2013. Of course, there is always the chance it might come out in 2013 because they want to take advantage of season 1 sales.

  • They're hiring so that probably means they want to work on multiple games at once.

  • there will be no season 2. The world ends in 3 weeks people, derp.

  • I copied this from a wonderful post in the Fables forum.

    @RAnthonyMahan said: Not Vain, but if it helps, here's the past wait times between the end of one Telltale game and the beginning of another.

    -Seven months between Sam and Max Save the World and Sam and Max Beyond Time and Space.
    -Four months between Beyond Time and Space and Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People.
    -Three months between Strong Bad and Wallace and Gromit.
    -Tales of Monkey Island is a weird case, as Episode 1 was released three weeks before Wallace and Gromit ended.
    -Four months between Tales of Monkey Island and Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse.
    -Four months between The Devil's Playhouse and Back to the Future.
    -Five months between Back to the Future and Jurassic Park.
    -One month between Jurassic Park and Law and Order: Legacies.
    -One month between Law and Order and The Walking Dead.

    Four to five months seems to be the norm.

    Telltale's already said Fables is coming next, so there's no way that S2 will come any earlier than Fall 2013. More likely, it will come mid-late 2014.

  • Actually I rather wait a bit and have a higher quality product. I have played many of the other games of Telltale and for me this is clearly their best product (and I really love oldschool adventures). So I would hate it if season 2 started and they wouldn't really know where to go with it. I know more time doesn't make sure quality is better, but it usually helps.

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