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Lee can be optional main in season 2 HEAR ME OUT!

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dependin on if you cut lees arm off lee should be playable clem leaves without seeing him turn which makes this possible kenny could of found him and patch him up before he died they could even replace his hand like maurel in the tv series this also can increase revenue makes people who really want to play lee who havent beaten or purchased all eps of season1 a reason 2 while also creating replay value for people obsessed with getting lee just saying they can even make this a sidestory while clems out there lee and kenny are trying to find her the entire rest of the seasons or something just something u can play with i got way to attached to lee in season 1 to just let him go love u guys for doin walking dead right^^

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  • also bring me to my point my game was tailored where i said kenny might of gotten away in my game a scenario like this is possible in urs probably not which is why i said optional main depending on how you tailored story

  • the women was though everyone thought she was dead but she wasnt maurel was suppose to bleed out he didnt he got saved which is what couldve happen to lee i mean even if kenny died remember that one chick who jumps building from building could of saved lee my only argument is lee could be still alive

  • causd in walking dead until he turned hes human so we cant really say if he died right after clem left or got saved right before he dies remember he was already patched up justdying from exhaustion which is a simple fix cool cloth cold water the basics

  • Do you know how ridiculous all this sounds? Did you really have to make another thread for this extremely poor idea?

    Not only is Lee 100% an un-saveable dead man, but even if he wasn't, how would it make sense to have him as an optional main for next season? Sure YOU said Kenny might be dead, cut Lee's arm off, etc, but a lot of people didn't and their choices have to work with S2 also. Is Telltale supposed to make 2 different versions of the game just to please this ridiculous wish?

    Welcome to the forums, plz lern 2 edit.

  • no but he couldve of had an exclusive ep about lee as a prelude if u did cut his arm off for season 2 and no dats not asking to much hell i pay for it as extra content

  • and whats ridicolous is that the player who didnt cut arm off saved clem it shouldve been a bad end in walking dead world if someone was bit within a few hours they turn if they dont they definately wouldnt be able to jump rooftops fight through storms of walkers so almost all of ep 5 was bs unless they do thepremonition idea everyone fawn off

  • @sloweye said: no but he couldve of had an exclusive ep about lee as a prelude if u did cut his arm off for season 2 and no dats not asking to much hell i pay for it as extra content

    Okay, how about you give Telltale a couple hundred thousand dollars so they can make this exclusive episode for you and the small fraction of players that cut the arm off and didn't shoot Lee?

    Actually, make it a million dollars, and you'll get Kenny barging into the hopelessly locked room, waving moist towlettes over his head screaming "I just knew you'd need these towels and cold water you're not dying from exhaustion today Lee!!!111"

    Yeah, that's the walking dead, lol.

  • First off, it's "Merle" and "Hershel".

    Second, you really didn't need to create two threads for this, and I'm closing both of them.

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