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Who cried during the finale?

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Admitting tears is no shame:(

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  • i cried because i knew Clementine wouldn't be safe before Lee died and because Clementine was so sad.

    Of course this is because i was able to be in the moment and ignore the part of my brain that says "they aren't real people" so i was able to empathise with Lee and Clementine

  • I, like a lot of people cried. Never thought a video game would make me emotional, but this one did. I think it was because I can understand what a child of that age might be thinking and going through. My daughter is the same age and the last episode was tough to get through. It was very easy to put myself in Lee's shoes and think what I thought was best for Clem.

    Thanks to the writers and all of the people who had anything to do with this game. Very well done. Looking forward to season 2.

  • @anonymau5 said: I went through the games as they were released and waited for all of them to come out. I'm beginning to suspect that I'm a robot, because I never cry at things that makes everyone else cry.

    I can kind of relate to this because well... I don't cry at video games either. I cried at the stage performance of Les Miserables that I watched on Broadway, but not at this. I think its because despite how well done the comic feel is in the games, it is still only pixels and the crying looked fake to me. With Les Mis, it was the song when Jean Valjean pleads to god to take him instead of his daughter that got me in the feels.

  • First time in my short 3 years of gaming experiences that I have cried, most games make me upset but I've not really ever cried because they haven't designed the end of the game properly, but TTG did it just right and I'm not ashamed to say I cried, in fact I was still upset a couple of days after. I think that when Clem was begging Lee to get up because the door was just there and he was too weak and little Clemmy was begging and begging I thought it was going to be cheesy but it did make me cry and I'm not ashamed to say it.

  • I was sad and depressed but I couldn't cry. It's really hard for me to cry, considering this is possibly one of ( if not the ) the games I've been most connected with.

  • I think it's safe to say that the people who didn't cry are dysfunctional.

  • Yes, I did.
    But honestly, I felt worse when Lee covered Clem with that -stuff- than the ending itself. We all knew that the ending will come by one way or another but that scene at the marsh House was a sad moment to me that I can never forget. Knowing Clem will be broken when she finds out the fact about Lee's bite was a heavy burden and while doing that stinky job, I was emotionally wrecked. Because that little girl was still in some kind of hope as they will both be together and they'll continue trying to survive.
    I started crying and it was so sad...

  • I was really sad when I buried the kid and through most of episode 3 (after the suicide), but I didn't cry during any part of the game. It pretty much takes John Lasseter to get tears out of me.

  • @Bulbous said: I think it's safe to say that the people who didn't cry are dysfunctional.

    Oh, well at least I have the moral authority of a person named strangely close to a pokemon to guide me.

  • Why would I cry ? It wasn't sad at all.

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