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So, now we have all five episodes who's going to play them all in a row?

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I know I am, I can't wait to play them all consecutively, it will be fun- what about you lot, and why?:)

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  • I've played through the first 3 at least 4 times I think. But I'll be doing it again... The only downside is to do all the "assemble swing" parts... Look at that. Look at that. Because if there is an icon, I will click it. Even if I've seen it 200 times. And that sucks.

  • I need a brake. may be on January. last ep. was so sad its made me sick, so... need time.

  • I'm playing them all straight when the last day before the VGA's come. I want Telltale to win GOTY.:)

  • Honestly... This game is hard to replay... Replaying a story that is already laid out for your is not really that fun. Although... it's extremely fun the first time playing it. Things are SO fucking tense it's so interesting and seriously stellar to play... This game is story driven which makes it so hard to replay, since you already knows what happens...

    Not saying this game should change it's style (IT SHOULDN'T, it's what makes it special) but a game with more satisfying gameplay makes it more replayable. This game isn't a game you'd want to replay... It's more like the same gameplay but with slightly different experiences based on what you said.

    Which is not interesting to me... I HATE rewinding, because it ruins the realism. I never rewinded and stuck with my choices because It's probably what I would have chosen in real if i didn't have much time to think about it. That's what i love about this game.

    They give you a timer to make the choices, because in life in dire situations you don't have that much time to make decisions. Which brings a whole erra of realism and emotion...

  • I hear what your saying Christoaster.It is like who reads a stephen king book twice.Not many people if I had to guess.
    I also belive the dialog only changers on the different choices you make not the actual game play?
    Saying all this though I could be wrong and if I am ? someone will let me know Im sure.
    But my vote is still the same,at somepoint I will play it again.......

  • Finished them twice. with different alliances, and choices. I hated Larry real bad in both plays. He is just unlikable, no matter how u look at it.

  • I want to make other choices,and see how that plays out,so yes,in fact I am just now.

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