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  • I think it's an option they could consider, but would be harder to pull off. If we had been jumping characters in season 1 I guarantee you I wouldn't have gotten the same attachment as I did with Lee and Clem.

    On the other hand, it would keep the game constantly fresh and the story could go a lot of different places if it's jumping around.

  • I'll just be happy if in season 2 they manage to produce fresh scenarios and situations that would require a different mindset to come up with a decision.

    I don't know like what if for some reason not currently known you had the choice to use an army missile to bomb a town. There may still be survivors in the town but the zombie population is ridiculously high.

    More major scale decisions like that would be good. Also clem should be present as a NPC with characteristics based of season 1 save files(might be a bit hard to do).

    Basically just make the decisions a bit less personal this time, but just make the group members reactions and thoughts of you much more polarized as the decisions you make effect a wider scale

  • I like the idea but only if the chapters are longer or if there are more chapters. Wouldn't like it to play both characters only for about 4 hours. I wouldn't be able to play in his role but yes, interesting idea.

  • Maybe this can be done with the two shadows at the end. Lets say they find clementine, they got to know her story (episode 1), then something happens to separate them(episode 2). Then you play with one that is with clem and the other that got separated. Something like that. One of them may eventually die according to your choosing at the end, and the other continues with clem and new members.

  • I'm really annoyed I can't play this game because I don't have a PS3 :( I don't think it available for Xbox is it? I would really like to play it because my friend was telling me about it the other day, I might have to watch some lets plays on the good old YouTube, but I do think that I would get a little bored of character switching but I suppose it could work :)

  • It a great game (heavy Rain) but i prefer a one character better than multi character

  • Play as Campman, from his perspective. Maybe he has a group as some point but they all begin to fear him and left, two of them being the mysterious hill-people. Though it would probably make more sense for it to be someone from Campman's group and not him as we know how he dies.

  • I'm quite partial to playing as one person, thank you. Besides, it would take many months for a single episode to come if there were many varying choices like Heavy Rain.

  • I've always thought Heavy Rain's theme would have worked brilliantly for WD season 2. Music filled with despair and hope all at the same time.

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