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Your Favorite Decisions

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I think one of my most memorable moments during this game was the meat locker scene in Starved For Help. Without the benefit of hindsight and ignoring the fact this is a game which you can reload if you die, I really think the Larry choice is the best decision in the game.


-You are completely unarmed and Larry is a massive guy. The salt lick would only be a useful weapon against a still body, attempting to hit a moving walker with it would be difficult.
-Clem was right there with you and the door was locked.
-Due to Larry's condition and the lack of access to the medical supplies, there was very little chance of recovery.
-Larry had proven himself to be a dangerous liability at times, nearly throwing a child into the street, he attempted to murder Lee, and he was the last person who could potentially expose Lee at the time.
-Look at the trouble nearly the whole group had earlier in the episode with the one legged teacher, Larry would have been far more of a handful.


-There was no way to know if he would recover, so you were effectively murdering a living man, something you had not done before in this game.

I killed Larry, but what an awesome choice, truly no clear definitive right or wrong course. I really hope Season 2 has more really tough decisions like this one, there were a lot in Episode 2, I think that's why it's my favorite episode overall.

What was your favorite decision in the game?

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