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PC episode 5

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Unsure if anyone else is getting this, I had uninstalled TWD when Assassins Creed 3 came out to give my hard drive a little room to work with. Noticed last night that there were new achievements which generally means new episode so I went in and downloaded my copy again. I've done this 3 or 4 times now and never had an issue, but as of right now if I try to continue from the save file I have of episode 4 it has me play out the final scene again (getting kenny and ben to help you out and so on) and then cuts off.

Episode 5 is still listed as "coming soon" even though the achievements are already up. This is the first time this has happened for me so I'm unsure if maybe the PC release date got pushed back a little, or is there something else going on? I bought the full season pass when episode 1 came out and have been playing it religiously all the way through...I know some other games will have console releases a bit earlier than PC releases (AC3 did this, releasing the PC version almost a full month after the console versions).

Is anyone else playing on PC having troubles getting Ep. 5 to work? Or is this just me?

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  • You uninstalled the game? 0_0
    Maybe you still need to download episode 5 it's been out for almost a week now...

  • I basically will play through an episode, then remove the game until I notice the new episode is out, re-download and play that. Saves having a, what is it, 5 gig game just sitting unused on my hard drive. All the saved game information is still there, but episode 5 is listed as "coming soon" still...I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game 3 or 4 times now and always been fine, this time around it keeps reverting me to the last section of Episode 4 then telling me 5 is "coming soon"...I just reinstalled it today so I doubt it's that I haven't installed the episode, they generally just installed themselves all the other times with nothing from me. Frustrating as all hell, I'm desperately wanting to finish the story off but it seems I'm kinda out of luck. :(

  • No idea. You will get more help in the appropriate forum though.

  • I had this issue with a different episode. I uninstalled and reinstalled and all was fine.

  • Worked it out...had to go in and effectively delete the "prefs.prop" file and make a new one by resaving, doing so bounced me back to about 1/3 through game 4 so I had to re-complete that again, but once I cleared that out again I was fine...odd that single file was holding the entire episode back on me. Either way, damn fine end to a killer first season. Can't speak to Telltales other games (I've heard mixed reports, though I would like to try Jurassic Park as it was a favorite movie of mine, worth it?), but this game was a great play...the episode framework kept me waiting on the edge of my seat and the story-twisters at the end of each episode always were pleasantly surprising.

    I'm already completely sold on season 2 because of how impressed with this I've been, good job on Telltale's part...

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