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[TWD]Corrupted Save on Steam version?

posted by Luchen on - last edited - Viewed by 226 users

So i've been having an issue with my game and hopefully there's something that can be done about.

So it all started last night when i wanted to play Episode 3 since I beat Episode 2 a couple of days ago. The weird thing is that my save instead of saying Episode 3 told me that i was still on episode 2. But since the save was right at the last scene before the credits i thought it wasn't anything important and started playing and beat Episode 3 in one sitting.

Fast forward to today, i load up the game to play Episode 4 and my save told me that i was on episode 2 yet again. Then i tried to start from Episode 4 but it warned me that i was going to generate the choices for me (which of course i didn't want).

At that point i just gave up and decided to load my save from the point where it was but right then i get a warning saying that "If i rewind all the progess made after that point will be lost" which i reject because it's kind of telling me that the progress i made last night it's still in there somehow and maybe i could get it back, but when i reject this option it just leaves stuck on a black screen.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated since i don't wanna replay the whole chapter again since it would ruin the expirience a bit for me ):

TL;DR: Beat episode 3, my save says it's on episode 2 and when i try to play it it says that i'm rewinding my progress btu when i try to play episode 4 it says that i'm skipping ahead.

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