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how do you like the game?

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hey guys, i thought that the guys at tell tale could use some feed back on what you think of the game,

i think it's awesome, keep the great work coming. i'll be looking forward to more games in the future.

any other thoughts guys?

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    Oh Gosh I want to kill him. [>:)]

    I still wonder why Boris hasn't killed him... And Telltale: please, do not make him the main character of your future great adventure game.

    I am amazed at the huge number of dialogue lines. I played several times, and I still hear new comments every time. I still don't know what happened to Grandma's fourth husband by the way...

  • Agree with the two previous - that dudebrough is annoying. For me it is too surfer cliche.

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    I think that that's the best computer card game I've ever played (of course, I've only played the generic card games that came with Widows). And I like Dudebrough; he would be a great main character. He's like Guybrush, except completely different.

  • I think Dudebrough would make a good main character. He'd go on all kinds of stupid quests, like learning to surf, playing poker games and various other silly ideas. All failing miserably ofcourse.

    As I said earlier, the characters are cool. Hopefully they'll be incorporated into other games too. Yay.

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    Curses, it won't work in Windows 98. :( I guess I can only play it on my XP machine at home, and I only go home every two weeks...

    Personally, I'm keeping Win98 on this one until DOSBox is perfected. XD Plus XP is too powerful and big for my smaller, much less capable computer.

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    I think the game is hands down one of the best casual games I've ever tried.
    It's funny, technically advanced, easy-to-pick and classy.
    Of course I'm waiting for the adventure game, but this is perfect for my spare time ( I have spare time? :)) ).

    P.S.: I have nothing against Ted, but Harry is my favorite.


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    Very nice game for the price. The characters and their interactions are the big sell for this game. The only option that is missing is a "full screen" button. I hope to see that added in an update. Other than that, what would make this game kick serious tail would be an expansion pack with more characters. I would be willing to pay extra for more players. :D

    Anyways, nice work guys! Don't worry about trying to buy intellectual property. Create your own. Imagination is something that is missing anymore, and I think a new startup game company like this can pave new roads into the gaming community. :)

  • [quote] The only option that is missing is a "full screen" button. I hope to see that added in an update. [/quote]


    Actually, there is an option to make it full screen. It's in the "OPTIONS" menu.

    :D :D :D

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    Reading and Searching can be very hard for some people :D

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