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Plan in Episode 3/4 (No spoilers past 4)

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So, I recently completed Episode 3. At the time I figured it was better for me and Clem to go off together, maybe find her parents for a short bit and then get the hell out of dodge. Originally, I was all for going with Kenny on his boat but having his family die sort of led to me questioning his sanity.

Now, in the "Next time on The Walking Dead..." I see Lee talking to Kenny about his plan to go off alone (well, with Clem) so I am wondering how much of a major impact this has in Episode 4 or do things all go to hell before anybody can go their own seperate way? Do I get the option to change my mind and "Actually Kenny, yeah lets go with you"?

No major spoilers for Episode 4 please. I just want to know if I should re-do Episode 3.

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