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best episode of the walking dead video game

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now that all 5 episodes are out witch was the best episode you enjoyed the most

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  • 3>5>2>4=1

    They were all very good though. I liked 3 the best just because it had such a huge impact of emotional moments, all the things we knew before weren't the same anymore.

  • 5>2>4>3>1

    I really enjoyed every episode,though I do enjoy some way more than others.

  • @DreadMagus said: I don't dislike it, as it were, I just like the others far more.

    And it's a pacing/lack of zed issue.

    Interesting concept, but seemed out of place to me.

    Upon reflection, it would have worked far better as episode 3 (of 6) and TTG showing us some of that three month gap as an episode 2.

    I agree that it had the slowest pacing of them all, which made me be less into it. But at the same time, as the episode progressed I found that the slow pace built a tension. Someone in this thread said they found episode 2 to be predictable. I knew that something was up and that whatever it was was going to put the group in danger, but I was still shocked when I found Mark...well, you know. That didn't occur to me at all. But you're also right about the lack of zombies (I assume that's what you mean by zed, anyway; are you from the UK?).

    For me it went 3, 5, 2, 4, 1. 4 had so much potential, but I needed more of a backstory with Crawford. It's such a huge thing and we only get small details that we have to use to piece together a much larger story. I had hoped to have to confront some of those inside instead of having everyone be a walker. Best thing would have been to come across Crawford while it was in the throes of survivors vs. walkers that we only see the before/after of.

  • I think Episode 2 was the best overall. Episode 5 was a great finale, but that doesn't instantly make it the best episode.
    Yeah and I agree on the Crawford part about Episode 4, I think it would have been better if the survivors were alive. I like the story of Crawford as it is, but it's not that great when you find out everyone is dead.

  • Episode 2 was the best hands down. The story was so dark in it...

    After that probably Episode 5 since it was a sad moment in so many ways.

  • 3-5-2-1-4

    Three was just gut wrenching and the most emotional episode for me. Shock and sadness hit me right in my feels. Closely followed by five. In fact the standard is pretty constant at least up til 4, which was a dissapointment.

  • I am absolutely astonished by these results. 5 was clearly the worst imo. You just held down the walk forward button and chose dialogue options that ultimately made no difference.

    3 was the one that made me cry, but 2 was excellently crafted. It's a close tie between those two, with 1 not far behind.

  • 5-2-3-4-1

    5-awesome ending!
    2-shocking cannibal thriller!
    3-:'( sad! Deaths! Shocks! Aaaah!
    4-setup for best episode! Awesome ending!
    1-amazing setup for amazing season!

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