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how do you like the game?

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hey guys, i thought that the guys at tell tale could use some feed back on what you think of the game,

i think it's awesome, keep the great work coming. i'll be looking forward to more games in the future.

any other thoughts guys?

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    [quote][quote] The only option that is missing is a "full screen" button. I hope to see that added in an update. [/quote]


    Actually, there is an option to make it full screen. It's in the "OPTIONS" menu.

    :D :D :D[/quote]

    Aint that some sh.... I can't believe I missed that. :-/ Too much Budwieser last night... :))

    *The Captain kicks himself in the arse*

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    It's amusing conceptually, and the presentation is quite good. I haven't bought the full version yet because in the two games I've played of the demo, the computer has played astoundingly terribly. In the full version, is there any sort of difficulty control?

    (The two hands that busted people involved the computer calling all-in bets with T3o against ATs on a T87 board and with A7s against K5s on a KQ87 board.)

    Also, for a no-limit poker simulation, most of the CPU players do not seem to understand the concept of betting more than a tiny percentage of their stack/the pot, which means that the correct strategy as the player has very little resemblance to actual poker.

    - Mike

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    i think it needs a save option B-)

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    I bought it, as I stated in the othe thread. The classic styling of the game is there. It shows us that classic PC games are going to make a comeback with Telltale!

    The music is first rate too. More jazz/swing/big band music for games please!

  • [quote]The music is first rate too. More jazz/swing/big band music for games please![/quote]
    Yes, it worked wonderfully with Grim Fandango. But it was an appropriate fit. I don't quite think Jazz would work well with Bone. Hmmm... I wouldn't mind being proved wrong about that, though.

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    Having just checked back in after a looong period of forgetfulness, I couldn't help but notice the new (to me, anyway) cardgame.

    Yeah, I know, I'm a few months behind, gimmie a break. Fortunately, I'm highly impressed by what little I've played (I'm procrastinating on an essay and I can't afford to get too drawn in, you see), and there's a good chance I'll be purchasing this after a little more time with it. I've just gotta give it a real thorough testing first is all.

    I like the character interaction, it's really great finding out little by little the stories behind the players.

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    I like the game. It's one of my short play games. Like, I play it before I go somewhere or before I go to sleep or if I feel like playing something but don't want to get too involved. Most of the time I lose terribly on purpose because I want to see what a player has or I want to quit playing or I just kind of forfeit from laziness and lack of determination.

    Tonight however, they ate of my hand like it was fine dining. They even seemed to jump at the chance to do so. I would just laugh and laugh whenever one of them would go all in when I had 3 of a kind. That was the first game I won...I REALLY enjoyed it...probably too much.

    Sometimes it gets repetitive. I mean, I hear a lot of the same lines over again, but ocassionally I hear a new one. I've also let the game sit on the title screen for far too long so the song has gotten kind of old. For someone who gets annoyed of repetition quickly, it doesn't bother me too much. I think I would miss their banter if it wasn't there.

    I like the music. I like Piano Jazz. I wouldn't mind hearing piano jazz in Bone, but I don't think I would mind hearing piano jazz anywhere...well, as long as it's not stricly the soft or smooth jazz. It has it's place, but that stuff gets old pretty quickly. Another form of Jazz that is nice is the kind of stuff that's in "The Incredibles". All the instruments were recorded in the same room at the same time on tapes...the old school way...none of that mixing track and digital music stuff. Don't hear that much anymore.

  • [quote] All the instruments were recorded in the same room at the same time on tapes...the old school way...none of that mixing track and digital music stuff. Don't hear that much anymore.[/quote]
    Like how the Squirrel Nut Zippers used to do, when they were together. One of my favorite groups...

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    I think the game is great fun, but I would like an option to keep the blinds from escalating as quickly as they do - perhaps only having the blinds increase when players are eliminated, and being able to cap them.

    Despite this, it is chewing up a great deal of my time - probably more than it should. In the nicest possible way.

  • I just saw 'Texas Hold'em' at Best Buy a couple of hours ago for $9.99. I was gonna grab it but I wanted to find out more first. You guys all really like this game huh?

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