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Would it have been more exciting if ______was still alive?

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Would it have been more exciting if the society of Crawford was still alive? This thought crossed my mind several times when playing episode 4 and while I loved the whole Crawford plot and the siege on the castle story arc that developed, I'm also a little split on the decision to make Crawford another Walker invested area.

On the one hand, it really gave some great sequences and the biggest Walker battles in the season, but I wonder if having all of Crawford's residents already dead was a missed opportunity perhaps in certain aspects. They were built up immensely as these incredibly amoral people and the symbolism used in their downfall was definetly a smart theme, but would anyone have preferred for the actual residents and Oberson himself to be the antagonists of episode 4, which technically they were, but as living people?

The whole sneaking around to steal their supplies as was Lee's group original plan seemed less exciting and nearly impossible, but I think there was some potential for a unique sequence of taking down this society and perhaps even having a final battle with Oberson on the bell tower. Again, that is in essence what you did, but having all of Crawford still alive might have been even more exciting.

Again, I'm split on this thought and I loved with how episode 4 was handled overall and Crawford's inclusion and plot significance to the overall narrative. That being said, this is a thought that often cropped up in my head when playing this particular episode. Any thoughts on whether or not Crawford still being a functional society might have been more exciting or less?

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