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Episode 3 Issues

posted by TheProfessah on - last edited - Viewed by 903 users

I get stuck after I've penciled the train directions. I press b again and again and I get nothing. So I quit and restart. I do all my chores to get to that point again and nothing. So I rewind and start again. Check list of go there and do that is done so I get back, hold my breath and it works. Next step. Switch 9. Absolutely nothing. I rewind and this time I make sure to examine it and try it before I manipulate any of the other train switches and still nothing. I know it's not easy to make a game. Especially one like this but it really feels like it's not worth it. I got one and two and loved em. I wanted to wait until the rest were out so I could play back to back. I guess I'm relieved that I didn't buy the next two just yet. I suppose this will go on the shelf for a while.

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