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Issues with Walking Dead disc glitches

posted by DoctorShades24 on - last edited - Viewed by 14.8K users

Just bought the Walking Dead on disc. This game glitches so much that I cannot play it. I need a work around or I need a refund.

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  • im wondering if its just a batch of bad discs or something like that

  • yea i know what u mean i have seen they have been making patches for the game online and pc but not for xbox 360 yet and even if it is a batch of bad discs if they would make a patch and we could download it onto our system for our game then the problem would be solved but someone else on here should try and go all the way thru the first episode despit the glitches and tell me if u can play episode 2 cause when i click on it, it will restart me back at episode 1 if one of u can get to episode 2 please let me know and let me know how u was able to

  • I was unable to play past the first episode due to the glitches but when I saw your post I did check if I was able to play the other episodes and I was, but they all had the same problem. As far as if the game goes smoothly to episode 2 after completing 1 not sure yet.

  • whattt idk how it let u play episode 2 i even tried not even doing episode one and tried episode 2 and it wont let me there is something seriously messed up with the games i dont get glitches but u are able to play any episode with the glitches and i cant play any episode besides the first one i wish telltale would say something about this issue

  • I know what you mean. Maybe if we combine games will have one good disc.

  • haha who knows but did u actually click on episode 2 to see if it would play and not take u back to the start of episode one where u are in the cop car cuz for me i press rb to go to episode 2 screen and it says play so i click and it takes me back to the first episode where im in the damn cop car again id like to play the other episodes

  • yeah i actually played a little of each level to make sure.

  • i havent checked the online store on xbox live for this game to see if there is a patch or some sort of update for the disc version of this game so who knows maybe there is

  • i wonder why it wont let me play any other episode then

  • your not going to believe this but i just went through them all again and now its not letting me play them, its starting over on episode 1. The first time I tried them though they all started first time, because each episode would start by saying "previously on the walking dead" and then show you a bunch of cut scenes from the previous episode. This game is screwed.

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