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Issues with Walking Dead disc glitches

posted by DoctorShades24 on - last edited - Viewed by 15.5K users

Just bought the Walking Dead on disc. This game glitches so much that I cannot play it. I need a work around or I need a refund.

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  • I had to delete everything and do an update with XBox Live. The glitches and freezing are a little better, but these quick action sequences suck really bad.

  • @quantigy said: Maybe there needs to be an investigation into why this game was knowingly released while having major faults.

    I couldn't agree more.

    And I don't want to even hear that it is a memory issued when my console handles games like CoD with no issue. The game is broken and I would sooner have a refund than even get to play it at this point. There are plenty of games I could have bought with this money and would have been playing then right now, rather than trying to find out why I can't play such simply designed game.

  • Seriously... How does this get resolved. I believe a refund is in order for anyone who bought this...


    it's doing the same exact thing with my Xbox 360 disc..

    it refuses to allow me to play anything but chapter 1, from the very start of the game.

    it's ridiculous, i'm so frustrated right now..

    i've played chapter 1 at least four times through now, none of my saves will work?!

    i'm ready to take the game back to Target, for a refund/store credit...

  • Well it appears we still don't have an answer. I say if it isn't resolved by the end of the day with a fix or a refund we all post our complaints about Tell Tale and this game on rip off report. I'm also contacting Game Stop about this and am going to attempt go get store credit for the full amount to purchase a game that actually works. This will be the last game I buy from Tell Tale.

    Does anyone have the customer service number on hand? Maybe if we all call we will het different results

  • @quantigy said: Maybe there needs to be an investigation into why this game was knowingly released while having major faults.

    They haven't yet fixed the issues with the download version, so I'm surprised the disc based version was released knowing it was likely to have those faults and its own.

    Only reason I can think it was released was as a Christmas cash in rather than wanting to give the consumer the best product available.

  • I was having the same issue with not being able to paly episode 2 and having it restart at episode 1. So I replayed the last part of episode one and waited through the entire credits rather that just quitting when they started like I did the first time. After it went back to the title screen I was able to select episode 2 and play without problems. Hope that helps.

  • MattP,
    I see the this thread subject replicated in multiple locations. That is, the stuttering, unplayable quality of The Walking Dead XBox 360 disc. In multiple places, you pose the following questions:

    "How many storage devices do you have on your Xbox?
    What type of storage devices are they (HDD, flash drive, MMU)?
    How much free space do you have on each storage device (go to your system settings, then storage)?
    Have you installed the Title Update through Xbox Live? "

    Yet, after people answer these questions, with what they think are the reasonable expected specs of there XBox to run the game, you don't follow up with a solution. You don't tell us what specs we need to run this game. Are you just collecting a catalogue of information? How about some feedback? I see a lot of disgruntled customers on this site. What gives? Where is the explanation? For starters:

    What are the required XBox specs for this game?
    If there a forthcoming update that addresses these issues?
    Will there be a recall?

    This problem is not going away.

  • I had downloaded the Title Update the other day, and it seemed to be working, but just today, as I was in the middle of Episode 2, once again, I was sent back to the beginning of Episode 1.

    I lost all that progress. I think I need to just return the game.

    How disappointing. :(

  • I bought the disc version of this game after hearing good things about it. was soo excited to play it, but when i started, the framerate and chopiness was soo bad and unreliable it kinda gave me a headache just trying. will this be patched???:confused:

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