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Coolest Quotes in the Game?

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What are your favorites? Some of mine might have to be:

Lee: No Ken. It's not okay!
Drop it.

Kenny: I thought that fucking thing was broken!
You little pissant!
...Get the fuck outta here.
Lee-Lee it's okay.

Ben: This is my fault, all my fault!
So give me a fucking break!
My leg's hurt, I think.
What? What is it? I'm okay, I'm okay...

Carley: You're just a scared little girl. Get the fuck over it.

Lilly: He's not, dead!
Goddammit Lee I need you!

Omid: There must be thousands of them! Jesus!
He's got a resourceful air about him. Dickson Kent III.

Larry: I've got charm comin' out of my ass!

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  • @Typicaljacob said: Clementine : This time.. we're the cookies!

    Episode 4

    Whut? When does she say that?

  • @Robbingrobin said: Whut? When does she say that?

    skip to 10:00 and start from there. its not the coolest qoute, but i thought it was quite comical. the guy in the video commentating is not me though by the way.

  • @Typicaljacob said:

    skip to 10:00 and start from there. its not the coolest qoute, but i thought it was quite comical. the guy in the video commentating is not me though by the way.

    Ah, yes. I remember...

  • Molly: "Get that finger outta my face, grandpa, before I jam it straight up your ass!"

  • @Greedow said: I like the

    "They are not coming"

    Lee says it on the end on episode 2(if you choose to say it) to andy or danny...forgot the name

    most epic line ever...

    I much prefer when you tell him they're dead.

    "... What did you do? WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?!!"

    The anguish in his voice really sells it.

  • "That little girl's in MY care. We've been through more together than you can IMAGINE. Anyone who tried to get between me and her, ANYONE, IS GONNA WIND UP DEAD! YOU HEAR ME?!" - Lee, ep4 (I fully agree with this statement.)


    "This world now, it's just hiding unspeakable shit at every turn." - Lee, ep2 (A very true statement.)

    "Lee, we both know. Let me go." - Ben, ep4 (Fuckin' broke my heart.)

    "I don't feel much. I mean, I don't feel enough. Should I be broken up about what happened to her? That's how I was when I lost my daughter, when I lost my friends in those first few weeks, But now, it's like I just take something like this in stride, like this is what our world is now and we better just get used to it." - Vernon, ep4 (Again, memorably true statement.)

    "It was me." - Ben, ep3 (Caught me totally by surprise.)

    "It's not Vernon, if that's what you're thinking. And you should really watch your tone. Clementine's fine. But if I were you, I'd choose my next words VERY carefully." - Stranger, ep4 (I memorized this during the wait for ep5.)

    "It's not the bite that does it." - Ben, ep2 (Epic WTF moment for a non -comic-or-TV-watcher like me.)

    "Do I look like a monster to you?" - Stranger, ep5 (I always say no.)

    "I'll miss you." - Lee, ep5 (Needs no explanation.)

    "Yeah, Lee. I just wanna help." - Ben, ep5 (That was the moment that I knew he was going to die soon and I wouldn't be able to stop it.)

    "Ben's nice. He's my friend. We don't leave friends behind. That's my vote." - Clem, ep4 (I love Clem.)

  • Kenny: Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck FUUUUUCK

    Someone really needs to count how many times Kenny swears throughout the whole game, he was the worst! XD

  • Clementine:Be lucky!
    Ben's whole ''standing up for himself''

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