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Who cried during the finale?

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Admitting tears is no shame:(

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  • I cry very easily so yeah (but surprisingly, I rarely cry over movies and books). In fact, I have never cried so much over a fictional story, except The Grave of the Fireflies maybe (which was adaptated from a true story).

    I already cried a little bit during the second episode, when you discover what happened to Mark (it was a big shock to see him like this, even though I expected it) and when Clementine begins to cry in the meatlocker, but nothing more than a few tears.
    I bawled when it became clear Duck couldn't be saved and when he and Katjaa died. I'm a cancer survivor (it happened when I was very young and I was expected to die the following month) and I saw how devastating it is for parents to know your child is dying, so I couldn't help relating.

    I didn't cry at Ben and Kenny's death, even though I like them.
    I was devastated at the end of the game. I cried so much I had to gasp for air. Poor Clem lost a second father, they cared so much for eachother.

  • I got teary eyed when Clem was helping Lee walk and how she was telling him he could lean on her. But during Lee's final conversation with Clem I could barely see the answers. First time I've ever cried during a video game.

    These two scenes burnt into my brain, so I cannot rid of them. Head shaking doesn't help. But I'm glad there is no multi endings in the game. Because, I think, it can destroy the whole story, e.g. Heavy Rain(PS3), I didn't know what I should feel in the end, knowing there are different endings in the game.

    I am looking forward to Season 2, but at the same time afraid to experience again the feeling, as if I lost a friend of mine.

    Telltale Games, thank you for the game, that can invoke unforgettable feelings.

  • @Textbook said: I did not cry during Episode 5. I cried during Episode 3.

    Duck's death is for me, the saddest moment in the series. Lee's death I saw coming. I thought Duck was "safe" and if he did die, it would be in a fairly innocuous way. Instead they really ran him through the mill. Devestating. Telltale were such bastards putting the "Batman and Robin" detective sequence right before Duck's death, they did that purely to make us like Duck so we'd be gutpunched when he went ;)

    (They did a similar thing with Carly - shortly before her death you can have a conversation where she implies she'll meet up with Lee for some hanky-panky later. This is to titillate you and make you predict a romance, so you'll be gutted when she gets shot in the head minutes later.)

    Duck's death was also the saddest moment in the series for me.

    Like you I saw Lee's death coming long before it happened. The moment it was revealed that he was a convicted murderer, I knew they were going to go for the redemption storyline where he ends up dying to save someone else. (Clem)

    That isn't to say that I wasn't sad when Lee died of course. I admit to crying at the end, but I thought Duck's death was the saddest moment of the game.

  • I didn't cry, but I was depressed. Close enough, yes? :(

    It was a powerful ending nevertheless... very emotional.

    The most powerful scenes for me were:-

    1) Lee's Death
    2) Duck + Kaatja's Death
    3) The little boy in the attic

  • @Master of Aeons said: It pretty much takes John Lasseter to get tears out of me.

    Did you cry during Toy Story?

  • I didn't cry in the ending of episode 5, because I was shocked. Two days later, when I watched this video I was cryed like a child, for the first time in 8 years, after my dog's died. So... I voted that I was cry during the ending.

  • @Vainamoinen said: And now we know who really cried during the finale.

    Dave Fennoy, during the recording.

    Yeah, that was impressive to see!

    Also, I sniffled during the end of Episode 4 when Clem turned her back on me.
    I had teary eyes when Kenny sacrificed himself to save Christa.
    I all out cried when Clemmy had to shoot Lee.

  • @NessaT said: I didn't cry, but I was depressed. Close enough, yes? :(

    It was a powerful ending nevertheless... very emotional.

    The most powerful scenes for me were:-

    1) Lee's Death
    2) Duck + Kaatja's Death
    3) The little boy in the attic

    There are my top three as well, though for me it was Duck's death followed by Lee's, and the attic boy as third.

    I didn't cry for the child in the attic, but it was a sad scene that greatly affected me. Particularly since it was also a reminder for both Lee and Kenny, of what had happened with Duck.

  • I didn't cry but I did get teary-eyed. Same with when Kenny and Ben died. Duck too.

  • There is no way this ending can be considered "predictable." For that, it would have had to have the usual happy ending, and no kids allowed to die approach that every single zombie video game up until this point has avoided.

    Let's compare Sherry Birkin's fate to Clementine's. Yeah, Sherry lost her parents but she still had Leon and Claire at the end of the day, and she grew up. Clem loses her sole protector in a world that isn't ever going to be saved (if we go by Kirkman's words) and is left all alone where she can and most likely will be killed, murdered or even worse.

    This is The Walking Dead. There are no happy endings. So, yes I cried...especially with how realistic everything turned out. Your one hope is left best. The ending just feels so uncertain.

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