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Does anyone agree with me on this....(kenny)

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i was looking through threads but can't seem to find one that talks about this so...

i honestly think that kenny didn't deserve to die..(well no one knows if he died or so because they didn't show it) if he did, it isn't like kenny to do such thing. He himself said during conversation that " it isn't right to just leave the people who cares for you and that you need to push on and help those who need it.."

so if anyone agrees with me on this... i would say that kenny shot ben to take him out of misery and found an open window in the building and survived.

season 2 goes on and clem got together with omid and crista then kenny comes in. ( hopefully solved his issues and would continue life for clem..or something like that)

lol i know kenny was an ass the whole season but i wish he is still in second season proving people wrong that he will now keep his cool and try to survive for the sake of looking for a new beginning.... :D

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