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Unable to Interact with Shed Door in Ep. 4, Chapter 4

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On my iPad 3, I am having a problem during Chapter 4 (Clementine's Discovery) of Episode 4. I am unable to interact with the shed door once it starts shaking from the inside.

I am able to interact with it the first time (the verb shows "Look at Shed Door"), when it states there are vines covering the door. If I use "Look at Shed Door" again, or move away shortly thereafter, there is a short cutscene where the shed doors start rattling from within. However, from this point on I am no longer able to take any actions on the Shed Door.

The hotspot on the shed door appears as normal, however when clicking it, all the hotspots on the screen disappear and it only says "Shed Door" in the lower left corner of the screen (there is no verb such as "Look At" or "Open"). My character takes no actions, and no cutscenes play. If I click anywhere on the screen, the words "Shed Door" disappear, and all the hotspots return. It doesn't appear to matter how close I am to the Shed Door, and I have interacted with all the other items in the yard normally. I am unable to leave the yard or do anything else past this point. Help!

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