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Would you leave Lilly if she had killed Ben?

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If, instead of Carley or Doug, Ben was killed would you leave Lilly by the road or taker her with you?

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  • I can't believe some people would consider taking that psychotic, cowardly, backstabbing, hypocritical murderer with them.

    She was willing to shoot and succeed in killing an innocent person based on a hunch whether it was Carley or Ben, all she had was accusations, not enough to prove someone of stealing from them besides, she mainly killed Carley because she called Lilly out on what she is. Leaving her to fend for herself was the only humane way of punishing her for her crime. Taking her with you is basically rewarding her and a stab in the back to Carley/Doug who you had gotten close with and had your back. Besides, you take her, she steals the RV from under your nose, possibly killing everyone else but her.

    If I had the option, I would've killed her on the spot. She's better off dead.

  • I said I would have taken her, but now that I think about it I'd probably still leave her. There was no proof, and correct or not it was still a blatant murder.

  • I'd leave her behind. It's still killing a group member.

  • Anyone who commits cold-blooded murder to any friend of mine is gonna pay the price. So, yeah, I would still leave Lilly on the side of the road if she killed Ben.

  • I brought her along when she killed Carley. Carley. Of course I'd still bring her along if she killed Ben.

  • I still would have left her. She had no reason to shoot anybody.

  • You guys also have to take into account that Carley would want you to leave her behind. Doug, however, would pressure you to bring her along.

  • I wish we had the option of taking her along, then throwing her out of the RV as it is moving at full speed, hehe

  • I would have taken her with, but would hope there would be an option to group vote whether Lilly stays or goes after things had settled down.

    Because I had suspected Ben was the traitor long before he admitted it, I wouldn't have been quite as angry as I was when she killed Carley. But the fact still remains that she would have killed a member of the group who was in no imminent danger of becoming a walker, and without input from every other member of the group. Lilly couldn't be free to carry out an act that serious (and final) unilaterally, without there beign some repercussions.

    Ben's fate should have been voted on by the group.

    If there had been a group vote before Lilly could take off on her own, I would have had Lee vote for 'exile.'

  • I took her with me when she killed Carley. So...

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